December 8, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 30’s, ABS, a doctor, and her long term long is to find her lifelong partner. She would consider marriage and she would consider having children but she is very open to go either way. She said “I am at an age where having a child might not be possible or feasible and I never grew up thinking about having kids. I like kids but I have never had a burning desire to be a mother. I imagine I could fall in love with a man that I would really want to have a child with and I could fall in love with a man who did not want children and, either way would work for me.” She is from another country, moved here in her early teens, but has lived in several states pursuing her education and career. Finally, she is finished with her education, her career is stable and successful, and she has time to make her personal life a priority. She plans to stay in Colorado Springs and finding the right man would certainly add to the picture. She is just a delight, smart, down to earth, great sense of humor, quick to smile and laugh, sexy, sharply dressed and I really like her. We talked about income and she said “I guess it should be somewhat compatible but I don’t want to limit myself.” We agreed that men in her age range could still be evolving career wise and she said she would trust my judgment. She is also flexible on her education preference. She said “I have brothers who do not have formal education and they are all successful in their lives. Actually, when I go home after a long day at work, I don’t really care to be mentally stimulated by intellectual conversation. Silence can be very relaxing.” She laughed but I am sure she meant it. I talked to her about four men and she was very interested in one of them. She said “I want to meet him.” I said “OK, he will be your first match.” As soon as she walked out the door I called him and said “When I spoke with you yesterday we both agreed you were going to wait until after the first of the year to meet someone, UNLESS, someone walked through my door I thought you should really meet. Guess what? She just left my office two minutes ago and she wants to meet you.” I shared her information, he called her this afternoon, they met tonight, spent 90 minutes and she sent me an email….”You did a great job. He is very nice and very handsome. I would definitely like to see him again. Let me know what he thinks. Thank you so much!” It’s time to say it again, I love my job!

My second appointment had to cancel but she will call back to reschedule. I know this young lady, she babysits for my daughter. My daughter wants her to have a good guy in her life and, at the risk of losing her babysitter (if she was to marry and have kids), she has asked me to help her. She is in her late 20’s, has a good job, her long term goal is marriage and children. I will make her an offer she can’t refuse.

To be continued tomorrow……..