December 7, 2010

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, no kids, retired military and ten years into his second career in law enforcement. His long term goal is possible marriage and he knows he would not live with someone without being married. He prefers to meet ladies who do not have children. I said “What if the children are grown and not living at home?” He said “With all my years of military service I have seen how difficult it can be when families split up and kids are involved. I would really prefer a lady who has no kids.” He realizes that will limit his options but I will start with ladies who have no children. I told him my experience has been it depends on the kids and if they are grown and live out of state I would encourage him to be open. He said “Let’s start with ladies who have no children.” I always have to consider both sides of the match and if he feels that strongly about meeting someone who has kids it probably would not work for the lady who has kids. His interests include collecting Bronco memorabilia, and firearms. He has not been in a long term relationship for many years and he definitely wants to share his life with the right lady. He said “There are a lot of things I would like to do if I had lady in my life. I am open to try almost anything and would like to learn about some of her interests and activities.” He is a nice man with a good heart and he is tired of being alone. He said “I first heard about Perfectly Matched in 1995 but I kept thinking I would meet someone on my own.” When I pulled out my price sheet, he pulled out his wallet. He said “I probably should have done this years ago.” I hope I have not given the impression this man is desperate. He has a lot of life to live and a lot of love to give to the right lady and he is ready to find her.

My second appointment “no showed”. He rescheduled his first two appointments and no showed his third after promising in an email “I will definitely be there Tuesday”. I always call the day before to confirm appointments for the next day so I rarely get “no showed” but my gut told me he was not going to show. When people are serious they don’t have to book three appointments to make it happen, or they don’t have time for a personal life.

My third appointment is a man, mid 50’s, widowed, divorced, educated, has children in their late teens, and his long term goal is marriage. He went to a matchmaker after he was widowed and met his wife. He thinks it’s time for history to repeat itself and decided to try a matchmaker again. He is very focused on the physical and said he has to be very physically attracted to a lady. I said “Everyone has to be physically attracted, and it has to be mutual.” His age preference is 39 to 50, and he would consider having more children. I said “If you find her attractive and she can keep up with you, how old would you go?” He said “I am very physically active, hiking, biking, skiing. If she can keep up with me and I find her attractive I would date up to 60.” I have a lady who appears to be a perfect match for him. She can probably out hike, bike, and ski him, and she is 57 and very attractive. I showed him her picture (I have her permission) and he said “She’s gorgeous!” Many times people have told me they have high expectations when it comes to physical attraction but, once I start matching them and getting their feedback, I find that their expectations are not any higher than most people. I think they feel a need to make me understand how important physical attraction is to them and I assure them I KNOW how important it is and I feel I have a good eye for choosing similar levels of attraction. I knew I would convince him more by showing him a picture. He is a handsome, charming, adventurous, successful, smart man and I have no trouble believing he has been with beautiful women but, so far, not the RIGHT beautiful woman. Finding her will now be my job!

The beat goes on with two appointments tomorrow, two ladies, and three appointments on Thursday, two men and one lady. Offering 50% off all my programs until December 18th has been great for business in December which is usually my slowest month. By December many people will wait until after the holidays to join a dating service which always makes January my busiest month. I’m loving being busy in December and people are loving getting a deal. I think I will remember this idea next December…it only took me 20 years to come up with it!

To be continued tomorrow……………………..