February 11, 2014

When someone becomes a new client at Perfectly Matched I ask them to write out in their own words what an ideal relationship would be for them.
I received this Ideal Relationship today and I think it is one of the best I have ever read. It tells me this lady knows herself well and what she is looking for in a partner.

These are the kind of people you meet at Perfectly Matched: serious minded, focused people who are looking for partners who have as much to offer them as they have to offer in return.

This is her ideal relationship:

“My ideal relationship is with someone who knows how to love well, someone who shares similar core values such as respect, commitment, responsibility, faithfulness, honesty, integrity and spirituality.

In my ideal relationship I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and feelings. My partner supports and encourages me in my goals and interest in life.

My ideal relationship is with someone who shares common interests, and have similar intellectual level. He knows how to communicate thoughts and feelings and most important knows how to resolve conflict.

My ideal partner is passionate, affectionate and responsive on many levels: physically, emotionally and verbally. He is physically and mentally strong and can equally lead in the relationship. He is open, sensitive and has a sense of humor. Also, he is a partner I can count on during tough times.

In my ideal relationship we are financially secure and stable. We know how to handle money.

We make time and give priority for weekly “date nights”.

In my ideal relationship we are spontaneous, love adventure and go around the world to discover new places.”

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It only takes one right one.

To be continued………