February 17, 2014

Returning from vacation last week was a wild and crazy week with Valentine’s Day and all the hype over Colorado Springs being voted the most romantic city in the nation. Two of the TV stations interviewed me for my opinion about Colorado Springs being voted the most romantic city and I had to say I disagree. People tell me all the time how difficult it is to be single in Colorado Springs and they feel it is a more family oriented city.

Basically we were given the title because Facebook took one month, October 2013, and counted how many times people clicked on “in a relationship” on their Facebook page. Although I appreciate and love Colorado Springs, I do not think that clicks on Facebook make us a romantic city. In fact, so many clicks of “in a relationship” would imply to me that people are in and out of relationships more in Colorado Springs than anywhere else in the nation. Is that romantic?

However, I did say it was good publicity for Colorado Springs and maybe if we think we are the most romantic city, we will become the most romantic city.

Some of my interviews last week included a young man, late 20’s, ABS (always been single), his long term goal is marriage and children.

I really enjoyed this interview because he was so open in sharing his thoughts and feelings with me. Although his relationship experience is somewhat limited, he is much more focused than most people his age. He also has a great sense of humor and when he smiles his entire faces lights up.

He is self employed and has had a very successful business for many years. He owns his home and is financially stable and responsible.
He said “I am looking for someone with goals and ambitions. Someone who is content to be working at McDonalds for minimum wage would probably not be a good match for me.”

He is into art and music, hiking, doing the Incline occasionally, writing, dancing and moderate exercising, very healthy eating and proper nutrition.

He loves dogs and, although he is not fond of cats, he would meet someone who has a cat.
He said “Unless her cat’s name starts with Mr. Someone calling her cat Mr. Whiskers or Mr. anything probably would not be a good match for me.”

He is fit, trim, tall and good looking.
He said “Of course I have to be attracted to a lady but I am not looking for a super model.”

He ran out of time at the end of the interview but he is going to call me this week and he feels confident that he will be a new client.
I am usually right about guessing if someone will follow through and I think he will.
I think he would be fun to work with and I would love to find the right lady for him.

My last appointment on Saturday was such a treat because she was a client 20 years ago in 1994 and now I have the opportunity to work with her again.
She has the dubious honor of being the person who waited the longest to become a client again.

She is mid 50’s, widowed, and her long term goal is marriage.
She said “I have been widowed for several years now and I have had a couple of relationships but I realized they did not have long term potential and I am ready to find the right person.”
I asked her what inspired her to call me after all these years.
She said “I had a positive experience with you the first time and dated a man for a year. He got deployed and I met my husband and we were together for 14 years. I called you because I know I will meet serious minded men and I know what you do is much safer than meeting men online.”

She honestly does not look much different than she did 20 years ago. She is very petite and tiny.

She loves sports; football, basketball, baseball. Country and pop music are favorites. She loves to dance and enjoys going to concerts. She likes to vacation in places like the Caribbean, tropical climates.
She has been successful in her career and is still in the same business she was 20 years ago but now she is a Vice President.

She said “This is what matters to me; God, family, trust, respect, honestly and loyalty. I want to meet a man who has a similar belief system.”
I have some great matches for her and I look forward to the pleasure of working with her again.

This week is already busy, in part because of a great article that Laura Eurich wrote about me and my business in the Independent. I think it is the best article anyone has ever written about Perfectly Matched and I appreciate the heart she put into it. You can check it out at “Love in the real world”

To be continued………………….