February 16, 2012

My first appointment is a “be back”, a man I interviewed three months ago, early 50’s, educated, divorced, one grown child, his long term goal is a serious relationship and he would consider marriage. Like so many people I interview, he knows friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, who have been divorced once, twice, three times. He said “I have seen so many people get married who were sure it was the right person for them end up divorced, again.” A good friend told him recently he was getting a divorce after being married for only a few months.

He said “Thank God, he had a prenuptial, but that doesn’t help that he feels like a fool and his heart is broken.” His friend was a client of mine and I remember when he met the lady he married. He only knew her for a month and they were engaged. I offered to send out the profile test I use and get her “scores” to see if they were compatible with his scores. He agreed, but she declined to take the test. That was the last I talked to him and I often wondered what had happened. This is really a small town when you live here as long as I have, almost 35 years, and have been in this business for 20 plus years. Ironically, neither of them knew they had both met with me until the other day. His friend encouraged him to call me back and let me help him with this important part of his life. Although divorce voids my contract, I told him to tell his friend to call me when he is ready and I will honor the matches he has left. Just another example of “The ones that start fast, end fast.”

He wanted to know if one of the ladies I spoke to him about in the initial interview was still available. She is, and she will be his first match.

The lady I interviewed two days ago who said she wanted a couple of days to “think about it” sent me an email and said “Hi Donna, I have decided to let you work your magic for me!!!!!!” She is coming in next week to sign up. My gut feeling is usually right and I already have her first match set up!

A couple I introduced nine months ago dropped by today to share with me that they are moving in together. We started talking about their scores and it was a really funny conversation. Their sociability scores are the only ones that are a bit of a stretch. She is much more outgoing than him. Her sociability score is an “8” and he is a “5”. They had forgotten about that difference, but when I mentioned it, they started to share one story after another about how that had affected their relationship. He said “See, it’s not because I don’t want to go out with you and your friends, it’s because I’m SHYYYYY.” She slugged him in the arm. I think this couple is a great match, and they will go the distance.

To be continued……….