February 2, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, mid 60’s, highly educated, widowed, retired, and his long term goal is a serious, committed, monogamous, long term relationship.
He said “Marriage can be complicated at this age. I can be just as committed without the piece of paper. I want to find a lady who can surrender herself to love and be as loving and giving as I am.” Not words I hear every day.

This man is very real, genuine, down to earth and honest.
He said “Most people probably say this, but I really want honesty in a relationship. I can deal with almost anything if someone is honest with me.”

He is very tall, fit, a great dresser, and handsome. He appreciates a lady who dresses with confidence, and takes care of her appearance. He is not looking for a trophy mate, and his age preference is 59 to 68. His height preference is 5’ to 5’11, and he is open to all races.

His passion is travel. He would love to meet a lady who is also retired, or has the flexibility to travel. He has traveled all over the world, but also enjoys Santa Fe, Taos, and Glenwood Springs. He would love to go to New Zealand and Australia.

Needless to say, I have some great matches for him!

My second appointment is a lady, early 50’s, highly educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage. She was a stay at home mom during her long term marriage and she is now looking to start her own business. She is financially secure and excited about what she is going to do with the rest of her life. Her child is in college and doing great, and now is her time to focus on herself.

She is a good cook, a veracious reader, likes to ski, hike, and travel. She enjoys theater, plays, concerts and food. Her scores tell me she is easy going, outgoing, very open minded, extremely affectionate, and enjoys the good things in life.

She said “I didn’t sleep very well last night because I was thinking about my visit with you today. Being single is new and a little scary but I know I want to find the right person to spend the rest of my life with. You said I am very open minded, and I am, but when I married I thought it was for the rest of my life and I never imagined myself being divorced. I am really most comfortable being married.”
I said “Of course you are, that is all you have know for the last 30 years, but I think you should date, have fun, and explore your options at this time in your relationship history.”
She said “OK!”

That was easy, and that is what she should do. She has no idea how much she has to offer to a relationship and how many men will be happy to meet her. I look forward to introducing her to some great quality men and seeing her have some fun!

To be continued………………………..