January 29, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage. Her scores tell me she is easy going, shy, traditional, romantic, a strong believer and budget minded. She married young, has grown children and grandchildren. She is absolutely beautiful and no one would ever guess she is a grandmother.
She has actually found that to be a problem when she meets someone new and shares that she is a grandmother.

She said “I love my kids and grandkids, and enjoy spending time with them. I want to meet a man who respects that my family is an important part of my life and does not mind that I am a grandmother.”
She is traditional and a strong believer and would like to meet a man who shares her faith.
She is an avid racquetball player, and also enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, scuba diving, theater, concerts and travel.
Grandmother is the last word you would think of if you met her.

I have a client who just turned 50 and she is so ready to meet the right man.
She said “Donna, I am ready to meet a fabulous man and fall in love. Put my picture on your website, exploit me, put me in your advertising, use me.” Instead, I told her I would write about her on my diary.

She is highly educated, a great mom, tall, thin, long brown hair, fit, active, successful, financially stable and secure, and very attractive. She is fun, funny, spontaneous, sexy and classy. So why haven’t I found her perfect match? The right man has not yet walked through my door.

Here is what she is looking for: 40 to 55 years old, 5’11 or taller, healthy, fit, works out, has a smokin’ bod, and is great looking. Someone who skis, likes to travel, read, enjoys weekend trips, theater, concerts, plays, socializing, has friends, likes to have fun, adores her, is funny, smart, successful, generous, spontaneous, financially stable, that’s all. If this sounds like you, call me. If you are a good match I will make a complimentary introduction.

There, Kathy, I did it, and I hope he calls, so the next time you ask me “Donna, have you found my man?!!” I can say “YES, I have.”

To be continued…………………