February 22, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, early 40s, divorced, and his long term goal is marriage. He had to reschedule his appointment with me three times.
He said “I should tell you, I work 24/7 everyday.”
I said “I have already experienced the effects of that when you had to reschedule your appointment three times. Do you have time for a personal life?’
He said “I am going to make time for it because I really want to be married and I really want to travel. I want to meet a lady who can be supportive of my career, and probably has a career of her own. I won’t always work 24/7 but when the business is there I am going to be there making money and, to some extent, I control my own schedule. I want to be able to call her and say let’s go to California this weekend. I want to go to Hawaii, Japan, and lots of other places, and I will definitely find the time.”

He plays golf, enjoys boating, jet skiing, water and snow skiing, loves camping and fishing, zip lining, and dancing.
He said “I am a good dancer and I would love to meet a lady who might want to take some dancing lessons with me.”

He has two children who are a big part of his life.
He said “I would like to meet a lady with no children, or children who are in their late teens, or children who are already out of the house, like mine, so we can spend more time to spend one on one.”

He also wants to meet a lady who plans and saves for the future.
He said “I am working all these hours so I can retire early and spend the rest of my life doing whatever I want to do.”
The ladies he has met on his own have been mostly living hand to mouth and he ends up rescuing them financially.
I said “You won’t that to be the case with the ladies I match you with because they will also be financially responsible, like you.”

I put the contract in front of him and he started to sign it.
I said “Don’t you want to read it before you sign it?”
He said, “No, I trust you. I am ready to do this.”

He is a super guy, and a great catch for some lucky lady, now I get to find her.

To be continued…………………………