February 25, 2014

Last week was a very diverse week at Perfectly Matched.

My new clients include;

1) A man, 30, ABS (always been single). His long term goal is marriage and he can go either way as far as having children. I have already received his Ideal Relationship and his first sentence is “In one sentence, an Ideal Relationship would be for me to marry my best friend.” Only 30, and he already knows the secret.
2) A lady, late 50’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is marriage. I already have her Ideal Relationship too, and her first line is “An Ideal Relationship for me is to share the joys and the heartaches of life together.”
3) A man, late 50’s, divorced, highly educated, and his long term goal very possibly marriage. He is retired, new to Colorado Springs and very excited to explore our beautiful state and have some fun.
4) A lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, and her long term goal is yet to be determined. She is non conforming and very flexible about how a successful relationship might unfold.
5) A lady, early 70’s, divorced and highly educated. She is interested in a long term relationship and marriage is debatable. Retirement is just around the corner and she wants to share the rest of her life with a good man.

I feel like I am having January in February this year. January has been my busiest month in business for 23 years, but this year it feels like people are just now ready to get the year started. First there was the Super Bowl, which put everyone in a good mood. Then the Olympics which, distracts everyone for two weeks, and now it is like ‘OK, let’s get this year started’.

I agree! SPRING is less than a month away and it is a great time to make your personal life a priority!
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To be continued…………