January 19, 2011

asked her how she heard about my service and she said “My ex husband was a client of yours years ago.” If you stay in business long enough these sorts of things happen often in Colorado Springs. She was married for over 40 years and has not dated since she was 19 years old. Her ex husband was the only man she has ever had a serious relationship with so she has NO basis of comparison. I said “What is your age preference?” She said “I don’t know.” “What is your height preference?”“I’m not sure.” “What is your race preference?” “I never thought about it.” “What is your long term goal?” “I’m interested in friendship and companionship.” “What else physically is important to you?” “I don’t think that matters.” Then she said “Why don’t I know the answers to most of your questions?” I said “Maybe because you haven’t thought about it since you were 19 years old.” What a sweetheart of a lady. Here’s the deal..she’s mid 60’s, somewhat overweight, very financially stable and secure, a heart of gold, has tons of friends and family, and is finally ready to make her personal life a priority. In addition to her ex husband, she was referred to me by a friend who was a client who met and married her husband through Perfectly Matched ten years ago. I told her I have one possible match and she is now a new client. When she left my office I thought “There has to be a man for this lady. She has so much to offer to a relationship in so many ways and I hope to be the person who finds her a deserving man.”

My second appointment yesterday is a man, early 40’s, divorced, kids, and his long term goal is marriage. He came to Colorado Springs because his ex wife remarried and relocated here with their children. He cut his salary by two thirds in order to make this change. His income is still in the mid 50’s, but that is a huge adjustment. He has no regrets about the adjustment in his income because he knew he would move anywhere to be with his kids and now he is not working 80 hours a week and gets to enjoy more time with his kids. He is a salesman and I could easily see how he would be good in sales. He is charming, witty, and engaging. He already loves Colorado Springs and plans to stay here. He wants to explore Colorado and thinks it would be so much more fun to do that with a companion. He said “I do not really know what it feels like to be in love. We married because there was a baby on the way and we did not even know each other. I want to be in love and know what that feels like.” He is also open to having more children. He said “I love kids and someone who has kids would be great but if I met someone who wanted to have children I would be very open to having more children.” I told him he looked like my brother and he said “So, he’s a good looking guy?” He has a great sense of humor and a light hearted attitude. I am very happy to have the opportunity to help him find the right lady.

My third appointment yesterday is a lady, early 50’s, ABS, and her long term goal is marriage. She has been a client for almost two years and I have not had a match for her. I told her when I offered her membership that I had NO matches for her and she understood we would we waiting for someone to walk through my door. However, she did not think it would take two years. She is a strong believer and looks for a strong Christian man. I told her I would mention her on my daily diary and quote her “Ideal Relationship” in an effort to attract the attention of a man who might be a compatible match. She writes

“Honesty and integrity are vital to a relationship that would be ideal. I would like to be pursued and NOT the pursuer. I want to be treasured. If he likes to cook…all the better!! In return, the ideal relationship would include me respecting you. I would want to be your best cheerleader. If you like brownies from scratch…I am here for you!!! Sharing the big joys and little joys, the big disappointments and little ones, too. Not that we won’t hurt each other because we will…but that there is a willingness to be open. Just enjoying the simple things in life, together, would be part of my ideal relationship.” If this lady sounds like a good match for you please call me at 260-1000 and I will make a complimentary introduction if you are a compatible match.

Today I spent the morning with my Dad and his caretaker at the hospital getting another cortisone shot…new place..new approach..we’ll see. We are following up on a few of the recommendations I have received from Donnas’ Daily Dairy when I featured my Dad and his medical issues on December 24, 2010 in my daily diaries. This particular doctor saw my Dad in 2001 and he said “Your Dad is as tough as they come. He did great through the procedure and he told he about all his old cars.” I said “I’m sure he promised you the Rolls Royce if you can help him with his pain.” The two nurses standing near the doctor starting laughing and the doctor said “I would love to see his cars because I am a nut for old cars but more than anything I want to help your Dad with his pain.” When someone comes around ten years later at 87, still living with pain he is trying to control I think it gets your attention. We will know in the next two to three days if this procedure worked.

I spent the rest of today matching. I made seven matches today, which means fourteen people who never knew the other existed before today will meet soon…and the beat goes on.

To be continued tomorrow…………………