January 24, 2013

Great way to start my day, had a chat with another couple who married through my service. I called to touch base because I haven’t heard from them for awhile, and discovered they got married.
He said “We were talking about you the other day and saying we needed to call and let you know we got married. She is an amazing woman and for the first time in my life I am with someone I am totally comfortable with and sure it will last forever.”
She was his first match and he was her second match. I introduced them in September 2011 and they married in March of 2012. I remember the feedback from both of them after their first meeting and I thought “this one is probably going to go the distance.” When two people are really right for each other it’s all so easy and natural, it just flows.

My first appointment today was the young lady I interviewed last week who came back to sign up. She is the one I wrote about on the 21st, mid 30’s, ABS, and very close with her family. She and her three siblings often have dinner together with their parents even though they are all grown and live on their own.
I said “Did you tell your family that you were doing this?”
She said “Oh yes, and they are thrilled, especially my mother.” Her mother had cut out my Dear Donna article in the Gazette and politely suggested she should call me.
Thanks, mom!

My second appointment is a man, mid 30’s, ABS, educated, his long term goal is marriage and children. I so enjoyed this interview. He is fairly new to Colorado Springs and one of the reason he moved here is because, one by one, all of his family has moved here.

He has enough significant relationship history to really understand what matters to him and the type of lady he wants to find.
When I asked him his long term goal as far as a relationship is concerned he said “I know I am no spring chicken but I would absolutely like to have a family.”
I said “You have no idea how many clients I work with in your age range who have always been single and want to have children.” Ideally he would like to meet a lady who has always been single and has no children but he thought that might me asking for too much. I talked to him about five ladies who have always been single, have no children, and want children. I also talked to him about a lady who is divorced but does not have children and would love to have children.
He said “She sounds wonderful and if you think she is a good match I would like to meet her.”

He exercises five or six times a week, does the Incline, skis, hikes, loves the outdoors. He also likes comedy shows, concerts and traveling. He has a motorcycle and I asked him how important is was for a lady to want to ride with him.
He said “Not important at all. I am a very safe and careful rider but even the best rider can’t avoid someone on the road who is not a good driver. Motorcycle riding can be dangerous.”

This is the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry and he is actually a good match for the lady who walked out my door twenty minutes before he walked in. Call it fate, timing, whatever you want, but she may be his first match. I have to pay attention when something practically hits me over the head.

To be continued…………………………….