January 7, 2014

My first appointment today is a lady, early 30’s, ABS (always been single), highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and children.

She said “I have been so focused on my education and career that I have put my personal life on the back burner but I know I would love to be married and have a family. My sister reminded me at Christmas that I am not getting any younger. She is four years younger than me and already has two kids.”

She has been trying the online dating sites, but has the same complaints that I often hear from people who try online dating; time consuming, ineffective, people are not honest, they do not look like their pictures, and they do not live in Colorado Springs.
She said “Almost every man I met lied about something. One man told me he was 36 and when I met him he looked like my father. I told him I did not believe he was 36 and he got angry and started calling me names. I went home and deleted my profile.”

She is pretty, petite, smart and funny. The most significant relationship she had lasted a year and it was a long distance relationship.
She said “We managed to see each other once a month and it was like a honeymoon every time. Finally he decided to move here and it was over in less than two months. Suddenly I went from adorable to inflexible, demanding and self centered.”

She enjoys hiking, yoga, meditating, reading, fast walking, music, concerts, spending time with her friends and traveling.
She said “I have many male and female friends and I could not be with a man who would be uncomfortable with my male friendships. Do you think that will be a problem?”
I said “No, but if you prefer, I can share that information upfront when I match you and see what kind of a reaction I get. I don’t see why it should be a problem if they are just friends.”

She said “I am ready to do this. I don’t have the time to try to find someone on my own and, like my sister said, I am not getting any younger.”
One of the men whose profile I shared with her was someone she had already met on her own and, although she decided not to date him, she thought he was very good looking.
She said “Why would someone who looks like him come to a dating service?”
I said “I love it when someone asks me that question and my answer is always the same, you are here.”
She said “Touché, sign me up.”

My second appointment is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, educated, retired and her long term goal is TBD, to be determined.

She said “I have no preconceived notions about how a relationship with the right person might evolve. I am open to endless possibilities.”

I said “You are fortunate to be retired so young. Do you look for a man who is also retired?’’
She said “Hell no, they would most likely be too old and I almost always date men my age or younger. And, please, don’t use the “C” word.”
I said “I assume you are referring to a cougar.”
She laughed and said “That reference is so dated. The only one who is called a cougar any more is Courtney Cox and that’s probably because she can’t change the name of her TV show.”

When I asked her about her interests and activities she said “I am not looking for someone who wants to do the Incline every day, or someone who counts calories all the time. I want a man who is in shape and takes care of himself but also enjoys good food, great wine and knows how to have fun.”
She does Pilates, loves to dance, likes to cook and entertain, enjoys theater, concerts, fine dining, and appreciates a man who has class and knows how to dress for every occasion.

She said “I would be an excellent partner for a corporate man who would appreciate a lady who can handle everything on the home front and in the bedroom.”

She is going to Europe in three weeks and plans to call me and become a client when she returns.
She said “Unless some handsome European sweeps me off my feet, I am all yours when I return.”
I think the odds are in my favor.

Tomorrow my two appointments are both men. One of them is a “be back”, a man I interviewed in November who wanted to wait until the holidays were over. True to his word, he called me right after the first of the year.
He said “I had a date from hell a couple of weeks ago and on the drive home it gave me great peace of mind to know I was handing this job over to you. I am sure you will do better than I have and I look forward to meeting some of the ladies we talked about.”
I already have his first match arranged and I think he will be pleasantly surprised.

To be continued…………………………………