January 3, 2014

My first appointment today is a man, late 50’s, divorced, educated, and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I have been divorced for almost five years and I am ready to find the right lady and get married again.”
He has been in two relationships since he was divorced and he does not want to spend time dating anyone who is not interested in marriage.
He said “Where are the ladies who want to be married? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life introducing someone I am in love with as my “girlfriend’.”
I assured him I will only match him with ladies who also want to be married.

He is a traditional man, a strong believer, and he wants to meet a lady who is also a strong believer.
I said “Your scores are very traditional and the lady who is most compatible with you will most likely also want to be married.”
He volunteers at his church and is very involved in many of the programs at his church.

He enjoys daily walks, exercising, theater, concerts, photography, spending his time with family and friends, eating healthy, and traveling.

He said “I do believe the man is the head of the household but I also believe the wife should have equal input and I am looking for someone with whom I can be equally yoked.”

His children and grandchildren are very much a part of his life and he would welcome a lady who also has children and grand children.
He said “One of my good friends married a lady you introduced to him years ago and he and his wife are a perfect example of the kind of relationship I am hoping to find. He never told me how he met her until recently and that is what inspired me to call you.”

I have some great matches for him and we have already agreed on who his first match will be.

My second appointment is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced, and her long term goal is a serious, monogamous relationship. She does not want to be married again.

She said “I think marriage is a convoluted, complicated arrangement and unless you are going to have children, I don’t see the point. I raised two great kids who are both college educated, independent and successful. I can be just as committed in a relationship without being married.”

Her interests include hiking, running, Pilates, gourmet cooking, interior decorating, meditating, reading and writing.

She said “The only thing missing in my life is the right man and I am tired of waiting for it to just happen. I am proactive in every other part of my life so why not be proactive about finding the right man.”

She is nonconforming, very funny and appreciates a man who has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun.
She said “Donna, just find me a man like me.”
I said “That’s what this is all about, matchmaking based on compatibility, finding someone as much like yourself as possible,”
She said “Perfect. And I won’t mind if he is good looking and adores me.”

My first two appointments for this year could not be more different and that is one of the things I love about my job, meeting new and different people every day and helping them find that one special person they are not meeting on their own.

To be continued…………………………