January 9, 2014

I initially posted this on Monday but I deleted it because I do want to stay focused on the positive. However, several people who saw it asked me why I deleted it. They said it made them think about staying focused on the positive, so I am posting it again.

My first voicemail this morning, and I quote, was “Donna, I saw you and your boyfriend walking down the street the other day and since I know you always give other people advice, I thought I would give you some advice. I think you need a butt lift and if you can’t afford one, Victoria Secret has some under garments I think could really help you. Also, your boyfriend is weird. He needs a new pair of shoes and maybe you could chip in to help him out and buy some. Just thought you could use some help and I hope you will take my advice.”

Of course the caller ID said “private call” so I am sure she left this message, in the sweetest voice, thinking I would have no way to respond but, in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, I want to share what my immediate thoughts were.

1) Why would anyone take the time to leave such a negative message when she doesn’t even know me?
2) The friend I was walking with injured his foot three months ago and can only wear his tennis shoes for the time being.
3) I am going to use this message as a reminder to focus on the positive.

Until today I did not have a New Year’s resolution but this is now my New Year’s resolution: Do everything I can to stay positive. Don’t say anything negative or hurtful, even if someone deserves it, and be grateful for the fact that I would never think of leaving such a message with no purpose at all except to make someone else feel badly.

So there, Miss Private Caller, your message made my day. Any time I start to think or feel negative I am going to stop and focus on the positive and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Now I am going to go do some lunges and swats and maybe I can avoid a butt lift.

Happy New Year!

To be continued…………………………….