July 10, 2015

Today I want to feature a new client, a lady mid 40’s, divorced, highly educated and her long term goal is she prefers to be married.

She is in the education field and serves on several boards and is involved in research. She is a published author and has written numerous scientific publications.

She enjoys snowshoeing, swimming, bowling, hiking, getting away to the mountains, walking, reading, gardening, jazz concerts, theater, concerts, and weekend road trips. She loves to cook and entertain and she wants to travel, including foreign travel.

Her age preference is 44 to 58, height preference 5’10 or taller. She prefers an educated Caucasian man but believes “who he is matters more than how he looks”. She is very comfortable with someone who also has kids.

This is a portion of her Ideal Relationship:

“An ideal relationship for me is defined by 360ointellectual, emotional, and physical connection, true partnership, and deep and committed companionship.
Each of us has financial strength we bring to the relationship, but we combine our resources to build a life and home together while retaining the ability to do some special things for ourselves from time to time.
Our time together is easy, comfortable, trusting, and warm, with laughter even in the face of stress and adversity, support during challenging times, and emotional, psychological, and physical intimacy and affection. We enjoy being at home, camping, traveling, or exploring together as a couple as much as we do entertaining friends, being out with groups of friends or colleagues, or being part of community events and organizations.
In summary, coming from a place of trust, respect, and compassion for ourselves and each other, we will build a strong, loving, and vital partnership which is the basis for a warm, welcoming home for us, our families, and our friends.”
If she sounds like a good match for you or someone you know please email me or call me at 719-260-1000. If you are a good match I will make a complimentary introduction.

To be continued…..