July 12, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is marriage. She first interviewed with me in October 2008. She came in a second time in January of this year. At that time she thought she was ready to sign the contract but she was still unsure. Today she is ready. Everyone gets there at their own pace and she is definitely more emotionally available and has a better basis of comparison than she did almost three years ago. She has three kids at home and hopes to find a man who enjoys the package deal. She has great kids and a good relationship with all of them. She enjoys spectator sports; football, baseball, hockey, car races, hiking, camping, dancing and cooking. She has also sky dived a few times. She said “I have met enough men who are not right for me to be happy to turn this job over to you but I am still nervous.” I said “Maybe that’s because you are making a commitment emotionally and financially to find the right man and that can be a little scary.” She said “When I first met with you almost three years ago I thought there was no way I would need to pay to find a man but I am so tired of wasting my time and I have been divorced for almost four years. I want to share my life with someone and I haven’t been able to find him.” She likes a man who looks a “little scruffy and is kind of wild”. She is fit and prefers a man who is fit. And “no wimps”. She said “I want a man who can make decisions and has a plan.” In three years she has become much more focused.

I wrote about a couple I matched, she is 80 and he is 88. Her feedback was “The first thing I noticed was his suspenders and he reminded me of my grandfather. He also talked about taking me to Kansas to see where he grew up and visit the family cemetery. I don’t want to go to Kansas with anyone and I don’t want to visit any cemeteries anywhere. He is a good human being and a nice man but he did not walk me to my car.” Obviously not a match made in heaven but I thought it was funny that she is 80 and he reminded her of her grandfather.

I went to the rodeo parade tonight and sat in the pouring rain under a huge umbrella with my daughter and one year old grandson. He was really into the balloons, the horses and the dancing girls. When the girls came by dancing I said “What are they doing, Cash, dancing? Can you dance?” He started wiggling his little butt and sat through the entire parade, rain and all. The biggest response and applause from the kids came when a couple of horses did their duty and the lady who was responsible for scooping it up did it like a pro with a big smile on her face and took a bow. I guess with the right attitude anything can be fun.

To be continued…………