July 14, 2011

Dating 101…any time I start with that, someone has done something most people with any dating experience would not do. He was her first match and she is just starting to date after a long term marriage has ended. He has been matched numerous times. Shortly into their meeting she said “So why are you divorced?” He said “I don’t really feel that is an appropriate topic for conversation at this time.” She thought he was being rude and evasive. They managed to enjoy rest of the meeting and have agreed to get together again. In fact, I think the way they survived an awkward beginning is very positive. She said “When he said I was inappropriate I wanted to crawl under the table.” I said “He did not say YOU were inappropriate, he said the topic of his divorce was inappropriate.” She said “I apologized so profusely I think he felt sorry for me.” He said “She apologized so profusely I felt sorry for her.” In the end they were laughing about it. Afterwards she remembered me telling her one of the biggest mistakes people make in a first meeting is talking about past relationships. She said “I won’t forget that again.” Dating 101…don’t talk about past relationships in your first meeting.

I have not had any appointments the last two days, but I have two tomorrow and two on Saturday.

My Dad is going to Florida with my brother on August 12th. He has agreed to stay for at least two months. He is doing really well and my brother is taking great care of him. I spent some time alone with him last Sunday and he said “Well, I guess everyone thinks I’m going to Florida.” I said “That’s because you are going to Florida. I thought you were in agreement.” He said “I go there and get better and have to stay there because I’m better, then what, I don’t ever come back to Colorado?” He wants the option to come back to Colorado in two months and my brother is convinced he will not want to come back to Colorado because he will feel so much better and have a better quality of life in Florida. He said “Whatever happens, you’re my ace in the hole, OK?” I just said “OK” and I don’t even know what that means. I said “Dad, we all want you to enjoy your life as much as you can, everyone is on your side.” He said “Bullshit.” Lovely, that’s what my Mother used to call him, Lovely.

To be continued………