July 26, 2013

My first appointment today is the young lady I wrote about on July 17th. She is mid 20’s, ABS, educated and her long term goal is marriage and children.
She discussed it with her parents and they are supportive of her joining Perfectly Matched.
She is now a new client and I will be helping her find her Prince Charming.

My second appointment is a man, 70, divorced, educated, retired, and his long term goal is marriage.

He enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, running and biking He is very active and fit and has climbed Pikes Peak over 80 times, done the ascent a half a dozen times, and believes in exercising and eating healthy.

He said “I know many ladies in this age range are looking for someone who is wealthy, and that would not be me. The things I enjoy doing the most don’t cost anything, biking, hiking, and running. I save my money for traveling.”
He is close to his children and grandchildren and travels to visit them once or twice a year. He has been to Germany, Honduras, Mexico, and has an interest to travel internationally with someone special.

We agreed that I would go through my membership and make a few phone calls to see if I have enough activity to offer him membership.
He is correct in that his lifestyle and level of income could be a limiting factor when it comes to matching him.

My third appointment is a lady, mid 40’s, educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage.

She is tall, thin, blonde and beautiful. She was referred to me by a mutual friend and would probably never have considered a dating service had he not sent her in my direction.

She said “I tried an online dating service and it was ridiculous. I was overwhelmed with all the responses and it took forever to weed through them. Ultimately I only met one man and I was not interested in him, but I can see how your service is different. I like that you do all the work and anyone who makes this kind of investment would have to be serious.”

She enjoys biking, running, rock climbing, hiking, music, concerts, going to plays, some golf and snorkeling. She also loves to travel and has been to Australia, France, Jamaica, Mexico, and all over the US.

She is a strong believer and when I asked her if it was important to her that a man goes to church she said “It would be nice if he would go occasionally, but what matters most is that he believes in God and that Jesus is the son of God.”

As is often the case with tall ladies, she does not mind a man who is her height, or even an inch shorter. Short ladies almost always prefer a man who is four or five inches taller than themselves.
She said “As long he does not mind when I wear heels which makes me almost six feet tall.”

She has not dated much since her long term marriage ended almost two years ago.
I said “You should date, have fun, make friends, and explore your options for awhile.”
She said “That is exactly what I want to do.”

That is exactly what I will help her do.

The Olympic festivities are happening downtown today starting at 5pm. There are lots of fun things for the whole family to enjoy and it’s all free!!!!!
Come join the fun!

To be continued………………….