July 27, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, her goal term is a committed relationship which may, or may not, include marriage.

She has been divorced from a long term marriage for almost two years and she is very excited to be single again.
She said “I decided to try to meet someone new every day.” She estimates she has had about 50 first dates. She has fine tuned the first date meeting to a point that she believes she can tell in the first 15 minutes whether or not this is someone she is going to be interested in seeing again.
She said “It’s not all about looks for me. I am more attracted to attitude.”

Her look is pretty, natural and wholesome. She has long, curly hair and the most beautiful eyes. She is in great shape and enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, spectator sports, baking, music, concerts, and she wants to travel more.

She said “I grew up on a ranch. I have raised chickens, roped cows, and I like to hunt.”
I said “What do you hunt?”
She said “Elk, deer, antelope. Someone who likes to hunt and fish would be great. Another thing I would love to do is live in a shack on a tropical beach with someone. Even just for a week, to know what it would feel like to have no responsibility and be able to do nothing except relax and have fun.”

She was the primary bread winner for her entire marriage.
I think it is way past time for her to have some fun.
I look forward to helping her find the man who wants to live in a shack on a tropical beach with her, even for just a week.

My second appointment is a lady, early 30’s, educated, ABS (always been single), her long term goal is marriage and children.
Her mother reads my column in the Gazette and encouraged her to call me.

She sold her home to be able to afford to go back to school for her graduate degree.
She said “I rent a big home with several other girls and it’s like being in a dorm again.”
She has definite long term goals for her career and she would like to be a stay at home mom if kids come into the picture.

She is a strong believer and a man who is also a Christian is very important to her..
She said “I have been to Africa, Mexico, China and a few other places on humanitarian missions and that is something I plan to continue. Having someone to share those experiences would be wonderful.”

She is an avid bike rider and competes in some of the races in Colorado. She enjoys swimming, climbing 14ers, and volunteer work. She does the Incline, and participates in many of the classes offered at her gym.

She said “I want to meet a man who has a strong faith, integrity and a good work ethic.”
I said “You realize you just described yourself.”
She laughed and said “That’s true!”

She is adorable, and will be a terrific wife and mother with the right partner.
I appreciate her mother inspiring her to call me.

To be continued……………………………………