July 4,2012

My first appointment today is a man, late 30’s, ABS, always been single, his long term goal is marriage and children. What an interesting fellow! His last relationship was with a lady who had children. He was so connected to her children, and although the relationship ended, it made him realize how much he wants to have children. He really has a heart for children. He coached a soccer team for young boys and he said they were always talking about girls and wanting to know what he knew about “GIRLS”.

He said “I remember telling them, just off handedly, never buy a car for a girl.” Obviously, that was an experience he had that did not work out well for him. At the next practice the mother of one of the boys came up to him and said “My son told me you said never to buy a car for a girl, is that what you said?”
He said “Yeah, it just kind of came up in conversation.”
She said “Thank you!”

He also manages a business that employees many young women and they are always asking him for advice about men.
He said “I tell them all the slime ball things men are likely to say to them, and how to blow them off. They are always surprised that I don’t hit on them because that is what they are used to. I say, geez, I am your boss, and you are almost young enough to be my daughter.”

He said “The reason I called you is because I am almost 40, I want to be married, I want to have kids, and I want to meet someone who is serious minded about having kids, and is not up to her eyeballs in debt and looking for someone to bail her out.”

His temperament score is a “5”, on a scale of “0” to “10”, and he is no wimp! He owns his home, he is financially stable and he is good looking. Maybe a little rough around the edges, no bull. What you see, is what you get.

He works out regularly, enjoys road trips, likes to ski, fish, camp, and he is a HUGE Bronco fan.
I said “Is it important that she be a Bronco fan?”
He said “Oh, yes. I was there when Elway was inducted to the Hall of Fame. I go to the games painted. I don’t think someone who was not a Bronco fan could “get it.”

He said “I was really hurt in this last relationship, but what it did help me realize is I want children, and I want a woman who is secure. If I say there is no reason to be jealous or worry when I come home a little late, I don’t want someone who thinks I am out messing around. I am a one woman man and when my heart is in it, I am in it, and nothing, or no one, matters but the woman I love. I want a woman who walks up to me and in front of whoever is there says “this is my MAN.”

I believed him and I only knew him for an hour!

I have had a number of emails in reference to my 50% off until the fire is 100% contained and 100% off for anyone who lost their home. There is no time frame on the offer to those who have lost their homes and I would like to extend the 50% off to the original date of expectation for the containment of the fire, which was July 16th. They are now saying the fire may be 100% contained by Saturday or Sunday, which is fabulous news.

I walked Garden of the Gods today with a new appreciation. It is as beautiful as ever, and although I have never taken it for granted in the fourteen years I have walked it, today, I was so grateful it was spared from the fire and around every turn I thought “that’s still there, that looks the same, I would have really missed that.” And every time I heard a tourist say “There’s a dear, look at the rabbit, which used to make me laugh, because OF COURSE there is a deer, a rabbit, a fox, whatever, I see them all the time.” Today I thought “Thank God there is a deer, a rabbit, a fox.” I don’t think I will ever think hearing that again is silly.

To be continued…..