July 7, 2013

A holiday week is usually a slow week at Perfectly Matched, whatever the holiday might be, but this 4th of July holiday was just the opposite. I have a hard time saying no to someone who wants to come in for an interview and I had appointments everyday but the 4th.

My first appointment is a man, mid 60’s, divorced, highly educated, retired, his long term goal is a serious, committed, monogamous relationship, and he would consider marriage.

His situation is unique in that he has a home in Texas and a home in Colorado and splits his time between the two places.
He said “I spend more time in Texas than Colorado but I can be wherever I choose to be and if I connected with a lady in Colorado I could easily spend more time here.”
I said “Because of the age range of ladies you are interested in meeting that might not be a limiting factor as far as matching you is concerned.”
The reality is there are more ladies than men over 55 and the ladies in his age preference are often also retired which gives them more flexibility.

He enjoys traveling and would to find a travel partner.
He said “If we are traveling together it doesn’t really matter where either one of us lives.”
He has been to Europe and, although he wouldn’t mind going back to Europe, he looks forward to visiting Australia, New Zealand and other places he has not yet visited.

He also enjoys hiking, theater, concerts, cooking, good wine, and dancing.
He has good friends here and in Texas.
He said “My friends in Texas visit me when I am in Colorado and my friends in Colorado visit me when I am in Texas. They tell me I have the best of both worlds.”

The only thing missing in both of his worlds is finding the right lady and I look forward to helping him fill that void.

My second appointment is a man, early 50’s, divorced, educated, self employed, and his long term goal is probably to be married.

He said “I don’t want to exclude ladies who don’t want to get married but I loved being married.”
I said “So why are you divorced?”
He said “I know it sounds like a cliché, but we just grew apart. There was no anger, no one cheated, and when our last child moved out we amicably agreed to divorce. As is turns out, she was thinking the same thing I was and it was a huge relief to both of us to be in agreement.”

He has been trying the online services and decided that is not for him. His complaints are the same as I usually hear, time consuming, people aren’t honest, they don’t look like their pictures, they play games, and they don’t live here. One of the online services matched him with his ex-wife.
He said “That was a hoot. We both got a big kick out if it.”

I said “What do you like to do for fun, hobbies, sports?”
He said “That is the one area of my marriage where we weren’t compatible. My wife was an introvert and she never enjoyed going places and trying new things. I would like to take some trips, go to some concerts, see some spectator sports, and do whatever someone else enjoys doing. I am very open to suggestions and look forward to having fun trying new things.”

He said “One thing I learned from the online services is that ladies don’t like short men. I never thought of myself as short but I guess most ladies consider me short.”
I laughed and said “Height is almost always the issue for ladies, just as weight is almost always the issue for men. That is another way I will screen for you. I know the ladies who will feel comfortable with your height.”
He said “Good, because I am 5’8, and I don’t think that is short! I was starting to feel like a midget.”

I look forward to helping him explore this new chapter of his life.

To be continued…………………….