Monday’s Special Clients

Today I am starting a new feature on my website which I will post every Monday. The purpose of this new feature will be to promote current clients, one man and one woman each week, to specifically target someone who would be a good match for them. If you think you are a good match, call me to schedule an interview. I will make a complimentary introduction if it appears the two of you are a good match for each other. No obligation, no charge.

It could be a life changing phone call!

This man is late, 30’s, ABS (always been single), a doctor, his long term goal is marriage and children. He is changing medicine and making the world a better place. My children, grand children, and their children will benefit from the things he is doing, and will do in years to come. Those are my words, not his. His life experiences have bought him to a place where helping others is the only thing that makes sense. He is humble, down to earth, and not materialistic. He looks for those qualities in a lady he would like to marry, and be the mother of his children.

He works out every day, practices yoga, enjoys reading, tennis, running, kick boxing,, the opera, museums, spending time with his friends, and traveling.

He said “I am extraordinarily loyal and there are only two showstoppers for me as far as a woman is concerned, infidelity, and being mean to other people.”

He is very open on his physical preferences. He said “I am open to all races, and I am not a breast, face, or butt man. I like an intelligent woman who takes care of herself, but almost anything else is negotiable.”

He is spiritual, not religious.

He is a very compassionate, caring man, an “8” in temperament on a scale of “0” to “10”, and I believe he will make an even bigger difference in the world with the right lady by his side.

This is a portion of his Ideal Relationship:

“Instead of a host of requirements or whimsical lists of needed attributes I would prefer to say that I want a healthy relationship where we can honor each other and encourage each other to live a life less ordinary. Spending the rest of my life waking up beside a person who I trust and admire seems wonderfully surreal. I think of a lifetime of growing wise together and look forward to a gentle kiss in the morning, a playful tryst in the middle of making pancakes, a run in the evening, an intellectual conversation over tea, a holding of the hand when she is sick, a learned respect for the subtle differences in each other, a holding of the tongue when words should not be shared.”

His age preference is 26 to 34 and his height preference is 5’ to 5’9 .He prefers someone who does not have children. Intellectual compatibility matters more to him than her level of education. He generally finds himself more attracted to brunettes.

Please call me at 260-1000 if you think you are a good match and, if you are, I will make a complimentary introduction.

When this lady walks into the room, you will notice first off that she is very attractive with shoulder-grazing thick blond hair, an easy smile, lively blue eyes, and a slender build. She is conservative in dress, and leans toward a comfortable yet sophisticated wardrobe. Her makeup is light, allowing her natural beauty to speak for itself. You would never guess that she is in her early 60’s.

In terms of her life path, she is highly educated, divorced, and semi-retired. Her two grown daughters, both a constant source of joy and pride, are an important part of her life. She loves children, and would be more than comfortable and welcoming to the children in your home.

This lady’s interests are diverse: She enjoys the physical demands and rewards of walking, hiking, fishing, dancing, gardening, and boating, but also enjoys spectator sports. She appreciates an active social life, to include dining out, cooking, and entertaining. The arts, especially movies and concerts, are also important. Traveling is probably her number one interest, running the gamut from day or weekend in-state or regional explorations to cross country and international travel. Someone who also has a desire to travel is a must.

She is a strong believer, and desires a relationship with a man who would both enjoy attending church with her and support her love of singing in the church choir. She is Protestant, but is open to any Christian faith.

Her age preference for a man is 57 to 68, but this is not written in stone. Her height preference is 5’9 or taller. She prefers an educated man, but a good intellectual match is what matters most. Because she is active, physical fitness and stamina are important. A social drinker is fine. She is not interested in meeting a man who smokes.

She is a lovely, elegant, easy going lady with a lot of class and a very sweet nature. Her long term goal is marriage.

Please call me at 260-1000 if you think you are a good match, and if you are, I will make a complimentary introduction.