June 1, 2013

My first appointment on Friday is a man, early 40’s, separated for two years and his divorce will be final in a few weeks. He is a military officer and after he returned from his last deployment his wife told him she wanted a divorce. He will be getting out of the military by the end of the year.

He said “We were apart for so many of those years and it’s kind of ironic that it’s ending when I know I won’t be deployed anymore.” He doesn’t have any anger about it, he agrees with his wife that they have grown apart and they are both ready to move on with their lives.

His long term goal is to be married and he is open to having more children.
He said “I am a family guy. I love having a family and kids.” He is a strong believer and goes to church every Sunday. He wants meet someone who also is a strong believer and goes to church. He plans to start his own business when he retires from the military and already has plans in place for that business.

He enjoys hiking, movies, dining out, road trips and traveling. He has been all over the world with his military career and he would like to go back to many of those places as a tourist. He is open to new ideas and activities and he is looking forward to having control of his own life.
He said “The military has been great for me. I have traveled the world, earned two degrees, and had life experiences that have made me a better man but I am ready to make my own decisions and do my own thing.”

He is going to come back when his divorce is final in a few weeks and I look forward to helping him find the right lady to share this next chapter of his life.

My first appointment on Saturday is a man, also early 40’s, recently divorced, and his long term goal is marriage. He retired from the military and is now a software consultant. He is a very together guy and has his future clearly charted. He met a lady recently who asked him what his five year plan was and he able to give her his five, ten, and twenty year plan with no hesitation.

He said “I hope the lady I meet has read Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages. Reading that book helped me understand myself and the type of lady I am most compatible with and I think it should be required reading for everyone who cares about finding the right person.” He asked me to guess which of the five languages he was.
I said “Since your affection score is an “8” I am going to take a wild guess and say physical touch.”
He said “I like your test and these scores, they make sense.”

He enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing, weekend road trips and concerts.

He said “I need to tell you I am most attracted to ladies that are a size 12 to 18. I like curvy women and a size 10 is usually a little too small for me.”
I said “I never hear that from a man.”
He said “Well they don’t know what they are missing, there is more to love.”
His age preference is 35 to 50 and he is open to all races.
He said “I don’t care if she is purple if she is the right lady. Just remember, curvy.
Curvy she shall be……

My second appointment Saturday is a lady, mid 60’s, widowed, highly educated, retired, her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and she is not interested in marriage. She has been thinking about calling me for six years and decided now was the time.

She said “I have not been in a relationship for many years and I would really like to meet someone who wants to travel. The two things I do most are hiking and traveling.”
She also enjoys theaters, concerts, the symphony, reading and music.

She has unique scores. She is very nonconforming and therefore, not religious.
I said “When people ask you what religion you are, what do you say?”
She said “I say I am nothing.”
I said “How do they respond?”
She said “They don’t, and that’s the end of the subject which is just fine with me.”
She has a great sense of humor and is very quick to smile and laugh.
She said “I feel it’s now or never as far as having a man in my life and coming to you is my way of saying to myself I have done something about it, I have made the effort. If it’s not meant to be, at least I can say I tried.”

She was very surprised when I pulled out files of compatible men I think are good matches for her.
She said “It’s good to know there are people like me in Colorado Springs.”
I said “It only takes one right one.”

My third appointment on Saturday is a lady, late 30’s, ABS (always been single), highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and she is open to having children.
She said “I would like to have children but I realize it may not be in the cards for me and that’s OK too.”

She has been very successful in her career and that has been her primary focus to this point.
She said “I love making money but it’s not giving me the thrill it used to. I want to make my personal life a priority and make time for a relationship. I have not been an easy person to be in a relationship with because my career always came first.”

I said “What are your interests and activities?”
She said “I work and work out.”
I said “What do you do for fun?”
She said “I work and work out.”
She laughed and said “I want to do a lot of things. I want to travel for fun, instead of business. I want to hike. I want to go to shows and concerts. I want to spend more time with my family and friends. I want to meet the right man and do some of the things he does. I want to be in love.”
I said “What are you going to change to make all this happen?”
She said “I called you.”
We both laughed and I said “No pressure here!”

Seriously, she had an epiphany that is too personal to share but, laughter aside, she is very serious about changing her life and meeting a special man.
She is an amazing lady and I look forward to helping her make her personal life a priority.

It was busy week at Perfectly Matched. I can tell it’s almost summer, LOVE is in the air!

To be continued……………………………….