June 19, 2012

I am sitting at my computer today and in walks a couple. He says “Donna, I bet you don’t remember who I am!” I said “Give me a second”…and in a second I called him by name. He and his wife were downtown for lunch and decided now would be a good time to let me know they got married four months ago, three years from the day they met, his fifth match, her first. What immediately came to mind was this lady became a client on 1-23-09 and on 2-05-09 she sent me an email wondering why I had not yet matched her, and mentioned that her girlfriend was on one of the online services getting emails from several men a day. On 2-07-09, I matched her with the man she married this February. Let’s see, that took all of two weeks. I wonder how her girlfriend did online.

My first match today is a referral from a current client who is very happy with the lady I introduced to him January of 2011. She is early 50’s, divorced, grown children, self employed, and her long term goal is marriage. She is so cute! She reminds me of Natalie Woods. If you are younger than 50 you may not know who Natalie Woods was, but she was always one of my favorite actress until she tragically drowned many years ago. Google her. This lady has been divorced for over six years and has had two relationships that obviously did not work for long term.

She said “I would like to be married. I think I am just not meeting quality men, and I hope I will with your help.” She was very impressed that I found the right lady for her friend because she knows he was not that easily impressed.

She works out at the gym regularly, loves to travel, enjoys dining out, a good concert, hikes, bikes, plays golf.
I asked “Are you a good golfer?”
She said “I should be for as long as I have played, but it’s GOLF!” There is something about golf that inspires a love/hate relationship.

She said “I like blond hair, blue eyed men.”
I said “It’s nice to hear a lady say something besides tall, dark and handsome.”
She said “You can add handsome.”
She is real sweet natured and I have lots of matches for her.
The men are going to love meeting her!

My second appointment is a lady, mid 30’s, divorced, educated, very smart and financially secure, and her long term goal is marriage.
When she walked in I said “This must be my day for beautiful women!” You would never believe she has four children!
She was referred to me by a friend who is not a client, but thought she would meet more serious minded men through my service than online.
She said “I don’t want to do the internet, I don’t have time, and my friends who have done it have not had any success.”
She has a demanding job that requires some travel but she has a great family support system to help with her kids.

She is very physically active and the whole family goes to each other’s sports games.
She said “Sometimes one of the kids doesn’t want to go to their brother or sister’s game and I say ‘You’re going. They go to yours, you go to theirs’, and I do everything I can to make sure I am at very one of their games.” They also hike the incline throughout the summer. She runs, hikes, works out, the whole family does the Jack Quinn’s run. Her oldest child lives out of state and they all go to visit once a year.

Her life experiences make her more compatible with someone who is older and she comfortably will date up to 50 years old.
She said “One of my best friends is married to a man more than 25 year older than her and they have the best relationship I have ever seen. I keep asking her if her has a single brother.”

She is going to come back the first week in July to sign up.
She said “I feel so excited about this, and the men that you spoke to me about today. I can’t wait to get started when I get back from my trip.”
I said “I will have a match set up for you when you return.”

Today was a great day to be a Matchmaker!

To be continued………..