June 16, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, self employed, grown children, and his long term goal is marriage. He has a passion for leaving the world a better place for our children.
He said “What do you do to leave the world a better place for your children?”
I said “I am very involved with my daughters and grandsons, and do what I can to make their lives more joyful and fulfilling.”
He said “That’s great, but what do you do to leave the world better for them?”
I said “You mean like living “green”, being good to the environment?”
He said “Exactly. For instance, I would like you to promise me you will never again drink out of a plastic cup like you are right now.” Then he told me about horrible things that are in the plastic that go into my body.
I said “I promise you I won’t drink out of it again while you are here.” He said I should drink out of glass, not plastic, and if glass wasn’t practical, stainless steel was the next best option. He also informed me I could go to Mountain Mama’s and get a glass container that is enclosed in a foam installation that won’t break if you drop it.

He is so committed to his passion that he spends as much time working for groups and coalitions as he does on his job. He would love to be in a position where he could devote all of his time to raising everyone’s awareness on how to live “green” and be kinder to our environment.

He is very spiritual and has practiced transcendental meditation since the 70’s. He believes that we all have a responsibility to help each other.
He said “Imagine what a better world this would be if we all woke up everyday wanting to help someone.”

He enjoys, hiking, camping, musical festivals, especially Blue Grass, theater, concerts, and any activity that does not pollute the planet. No motorcycles, no boating, but he does concede that he might bend his thoughts on flying when he retires by taking a trip to Europe.

He writes poetry, and of course, he is into nutrition and eating healthy because he believes we are what we eat.

He is going to go “crunch some numbers” and get back to me with a plan on how he will pay for my service.
He said “Do you do a payment plan?”
I said “I can do whatever it takes to make this work and I would love to have to as a client.”

He is so delightful, and has such a positive energy, and a great smile when he laughs. The interview lasted twice as long as it usually does and I think it is fair to say we “bonded” on a number on levels.
He said “Can I say something personal and perhaps a little inappropriate to you? Two pearls of wisdom?”
I said “Sure!”
He said “Remember these two things; sugar is cancer, and if your digestive system is working properly your shit doesn’t stink.”

I am happy to pass along his two pearls of wisdom.

To be continued………