June 23, 2011

My first conversation today was with a lady who has been a client for five years. She has had a couple of relationships and made a number of friends. Recently I introduced her to a man who seems to be her perfect match. They have been dating almost two months and when I called to ask her how things were going she said “Fabulous, just fabulous!” They see each other three or four times a week and she thinks he is adorable. A mutual friend realized the two of them had meet before, twenty years ago, at a cocktail party. They were both married at the time but they did remember the meeting. They were out socially recently and one of her girlfriends said “I want one like him (right in front of him). Where did you get him?” And she responded “Through Donna Shugrue at Perfectly Matched.” He told her later he was surprised she just came right out said that they met at Perfectly Matched. She said “that’s the truth and I am comfortable saying.” Later on when someone asked him where he met her, he said “Through Donna Shugrue at Perfectly Matched.” I loved it. She was his first match. No one joins Perfectly Matched thinking they will work with me for years but there is no time frame on my service and I don’t give up. This lady has also become a friend and I think they are a perfect match. I am a big advocate of not getting excited too quickly but there are exceptions to the rule. There is a sort of pattern that occurs when two people meet and have this immediate connection. First of all, it’s easy. Conversation flows, and is balanced. He’s asking and listening and you’re asking and listening. You feel like you are talking to someone you already know. Time flies by. When you walk away, you feel excited and scared. Unbelievably, “scary” is almost always the first word I hear when they know they are truly starting to care for someone. I think “Fabulous, just fabulous” is a sure winner!

To be continued………………….