June 22, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of summer and weather wise it was an absolutely perfect, marvelous day. I have lived in Scotland, England, Goose Bay Labrador, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Connecticut and I think the weather in Colorado Springs is amazing! I spent much of the day at the rehab center with Dad. I am going to make a long story short and just say that today they let his caregiver take him out for lunch and he called to inform me he was not going back. If he is not properly discharged from rehab his insurance will pay NOTHING and he will have a very hard time getting into any hospital or rehab. In two hours and two dozen phone calls I managed to get him transferred, legally and by the books, from one rehab center to another. It had to happen by 5pm in order for him to be there tonight and the final fax went through at 4:57. It felt like mission impossible. I called my brother and said “Come, Now.” He will be here Monday and I feel like the Calvary is arriving. I know this has nothing to do with matchmaking but it is so reflective of, not only my experience, but also many of my clients. I have the utmost respect for people in the health care professions but the system is very hard to navigate and very fragmented. The most disturbing aspect in the last year is doctors warning me about the health care system. “Write your congressman” “You should be afraid of what is happening” “I won’t take Medicare because the government has too many rules and regulations that would inhibit or limit my practice to the point that it would either put me out of business or open me up to malpractice suits.” I have been going through this with Dad for nine years and I have never heard these comments before. Tonight he is comfortably resting in a place that feels safe. He has the best health care available and it is still this difficult and confusing. I cannot help but wonder what happens to those who don’t have the best health care, or no health care, or minimal health care…like me. I don’t want to find out the hard way, when I need it.

To be continued………………………….