June 25, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, late 50’s, highly educated, self employed, divorced, and his long term goal is marriage.
He enjoys mountain biking, movies, jazz, travel, working out, networking, volunteering, and believes is giving back to the community. He has a number of very successful business’s that keep him busy and he loves to work.

He is a strong believer and very involved in his church. He appreciates a lady who also has a strong faith and would like to go to church with him.

He is very easy going, a little shy, a romantic, and very financially responsible.

He said “My parents were the salt of the earth kind of people, my brothers were my best friends and I had a wonderful childhood. I would love to meet a lady who had a similar upbringing and will join me in marriage that will last the rest of our lives.”

I interviewed him initially in January but he was starting another business and the timing was not right to join Perfectly Matched. Today he is ready to make his personal life a priority, and looks forward to meeting a lady he hopes to share the rest of his life with. He is open to all races.

From the interview in January he knew I would be asking him to write his “Ideal Relationship” and he already has his completed.

Here is what he wrote:

“I think the ideal relationship is to be happy and content with the one you love. Our home will be a sanctuary for our love and family. I believe a man should be secure in himself. Secure, so that when the wind blows, he will not be moved. A man is strong without having to show it. I believe my mate will be so secure in me that it will free her to be anything she wishes.
I like to work. I like my business and my customers. I am a bit traditional. I am patient and I need patience…”

My second appointment is also a “be back”, a man I interviewed in May. He wanted to wait until his divorce was final to join Perfectly Matched.

He early 40’s, separated for two years before his divorce was final. He is a military officer and after he returned from his last deployment his wife told him she wanted a divorce. He will be getting out of the military by the end of the year.

He said “We were apart for so many of those years and it’s kind of ironic that it’s ending when I know I won’t be deployed anymore.” He doesn’t have any anger about it, he agrees with his wife that they have grown apart and they are both ready to move on with their lives.

His long term goal is to be married and he is open to having more children.

He said “I am a family guy. I love having a family and kids.” He is a strong believer and goes to church every Sunday. He wants meet someone who also is a strong believer and goes to church. He plans to start his own business when he retires from the military and already has plans in place for that business.

He enjoys hiking, movies, dining out, road trips and traveling. He has been all over the world with his military career and he would like to go back to many of those places as a tourist. He is open to new ideas and activities and he is looking forward to having control of his own life.

He said “The military has been great for me. I have traveled the world, earned two degrees, and had life experiences that have made me a better man but I am ready to make my own decisions and do my own thing.”

I look forward to helping him find the right lady to share this next chapter of his life.

To be continued………………………………………