June 28, 2011

My first appointment today is with a client who wanted to talk with me in person, as opposed to over the phone. She wanted to know what was wrong with her. She has been a client for seven months, she has met six men and nothing has “clicked “ for her. I said “This is what is wrong with you, the right man for you has not walked through my door..yet.” Her experience is not very different from many of my clients. I may not have the perfect match for someone when they become a client, but as I match them and get to know them better, it becomes more effective. She said “Now I know what I want. Take ____’s personality and _____’s intellect and ——-‘s sense of humor and ___’s looks and make him at least 5’8 and I’m there!” OK, now we know who we are looking for he will be easier to find. If you are a fun loving smart ass with a great sense of humor, at least 5’8, 28 to 40, and look like Ashton Kutcher, you should give me a call.

My brother arrived last night and the doctor has agreed to let him take our Dad home tomorrow. I am amazed because yesterday rehab said they wanted to keep him for two to three weeks. My Dad is thrilled to be going home and my brother is committed to doing everything he can to help Dad get better. This will be an interesting journey and I will keep you updated.

I am back to work and ready to rock and roll for the first time in a month and I realize this is a holiday week. Holiday weeks can be slow weeks and I don’t want to sit here like the Magtag repair man until Friday so I am offering 50% off all my programs for the next three days..or bring a buddy and share a program, or two matches, or three, or four, instead of ten. I was going to call my radio rep and suggest a 10 second commercial that said “get a bang out of this 4th of July, call Perfectly Matched at 260-1000 or visit my website at Perfectly Matched dating.com.” I am not sure they would think that is politically correct.

To be continued………………….