June 29, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, early 60’s, divorced, educated, retired, has grown children and grandchildren, and his long term goal is marriage. He has been a client for almost two years and he is back to buy more matches. He has a home in Colorado, south of Pueblo, and a home in Florida, he’s a snowbird. He usually leaves in September or October and comes back in May or June. However, he does come back to Colorado a couple of times even when he is staying in Florida. If he had a special lady in Colorado he would be here more often. I sold him 5 matches, instead of 10, and I have matched him 8 times. He thought it was time to pay me more money. He dated a couple of ladies briefly but nothing that developed into romance. He loves the hiking, fishing and hunting in Colorado. He is very open to traveling if a lady has an interest to travel. When it comes to interests and activities, he is open to try almost anything with the right person. He is going to participate for 17 days in fasting program this summer in Arizona. He prefers smaller, petite women and is attracted to brunettes. He is 5’8 and feels most comfortable with a lady his height or shorter. He was married for 35 years and he would love to be married again. If he sounds like a good match for you, or someone you know, please call me at 260-1000. He is a nice, nice man, very down to earth and a real gentleman. He says he treats a lady like a princess and I bet he does. I am glad to have the opportunity to continue to work with him.

My second appointment is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, successful, one grown child and her long term goal is marriage. She is also purchasing more matches. I sold her 10 matches four years ago. She was not actively participating for all of those years but I have been matching her again since January. This lady is absolutely beautiful, looks years younger than her age, very petite, smart, a hard worker, a wonderful mother, a very successful business owner, financially stable and secure and sweet as she can be. She was born and raised on a farm and she is very sophisticated and classy but she still considers herself a country girl and she loves a man in Wranglers. If he looks like George Strait that would be just fine. She enjoys swimming, dancing, hiking, theaters, concerts, plays and music. I have said it before, and certainly applies to this lady, when you have a lot to offer to a relationship you have to find someone who has a lot to offer in return. It is actually more difficult when you are very attractive because, in addition to everything else, I need to find a very attractive man in order for the physical attraction to be mutual. She is interested in an age range of 52 to 62, a height preference of 5’9 and up, a classy, country, artistic farm and ranch man would be ideal. However, she is not limiting herself. She agrees that the right man matters more than the country man. If she sounds like a good match for you, give me a call at 260-1000. If you are a good match, I will make a complimentary introduction. It could be the best call you ever make…..260-1000.

Feedback today from a client who met a man on her own, “We went to dinner and he reached his hand across the table, palm up. I put my hand on top of his and asked if he was going to pray before the meal and he said “yes”.” She said “Well, I am going to go to the restroom and I will be right back.” She explained that she was spiritual, not religious, and she did not feel comfortable praying before a meal. He said it was no problem and he also considers himself spiritual. She wanted to know what I thought. I said “Spiritual means different things to different people but he is probably also traditional if he prays before a meal and you are very nonconforming.” She asked him if he would take my profile test and he said he would. She said “I realized I know so much more about the men I meet through you and I want to see how our scores compare.” I sent her the test and my guess is he will be a 6 or 7 in conformity and a 7 or 8 in religion. She is a 3 in conformity and a 4 in religion….we’ll see.

My Dad is home and doing well. There is still a long road ahead and he is willing to go back to Florida with my brother in a few weeks. He should be able to breathe easier at the lower altitude and there is finally something that matters more to him than his girlfriend, breathing. I have been so involved in his life for the last nine years I cannot help but wonder what it will be like when he’s in Florida. He said “You should be so glad to get rid of my ass, you should celebrate.” I said “I’m not so anxious to get rid of you, you have great entertainment value.”

To be continued……………………