June 4, 2014

There are so many things I love about my job and one of the best is that this is not all about making money, especially after 25 years of matchmaking. The satisfaction and joy I feel when two people meet, connect, fall in love, get married or stay in long term relationships cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Last Saturday I interviewed a very sweet 21 year old young lady. I rarely even book an appointment with someone that young, mainly because they are not serious minded enough to call, but I knew from our phone conversation that she was not your average 21 year old.

Her situation is unique and without disclosing too much information, she is financially set for life. Her home is paid for and she does not have to worry about income for the rest of her life. She is wise beyond her years because international travel and some life experiences that most people five times her age have not experienced. However, she is not jaded. She is focused and positive and has a beautiful spirit in spite of some tragic events.

At the end of the interview, as much as I liked and admired her, I had to tell her I had no matches. But I sold her one match and told her I would start looking.

Today a 28 year old young man came in for an interview and he is unique and special in his own way. He is very bright, not into athletics or the outdoors. His pursuits are more intellectual and business focused. He speaks more Latin than Spanish. He lives with his parents while he is building his business and going to school. He has a wonderful relationship with his parents but between work and school he spends about 16 hours a day away from home.

I shared the profile of the young lady I signed up on Saturday and he responded very positively. He had no problem with her height and weight which is 5’5 and 165. He is 6’1 and 225.
He said “It is her spirit and her eagerness to learn and give back to the world that matters more to me.”
He could not have described this young lady any better.

I was so excited to have a potential match for her that I offered him the same thing I sold her, one match. He readily agreed and paid me cash.
I said “How much did you think this would cost?’
He said “I came with $800 but I really appreciate what you are doing for me.”

We agreed if this match does not work he will invest in more matches but my gut is so strong on this that I think they will be a good match. I sure hope so.

I will definitely follow up and share how it goes when the two of them meet.

To be continued………………….