March 1, 2014

My first appointment is a client and her boyfriend. She met him on her own and wanted to know if I would do his scores. I actually love doing this, it is usually a lot of fun. This was no exception.

He said “Nice to meet you Donna. I have been told if I don’t pass your test, I’m toast.”
I said “No one fails or passes this text, it is just a matter of your scores being compatible.”

She and I chatted in the other room while he took the test and I asked her to guess his scores, in which areas she thinks they are compatible or not compatible. This couple has been dating for eight months and she seems pretty happy. She guessed that he would be more budgeted minded than her and she would be more outgoing than him. She thinks they are fairly well matched in the areas of affection, conformity, religion and temperament.

After I scored his test, I put their scores on a graph and it was clear to see that her guesses were correct.
He is a “3” in finance and she is a “6”. He is a “5” in sociability and she is an “8”. Their other scores were almost identical.
He said “This is really interesting. I cannot believe you can know all this about us just based on this simple test.”

What followed was a lively discussion about those differences and their compatibility.

They left agreeing that he is the one who has the more extreme attitude about money and she is just a half a point away from being budget minded.
She understands he may occasionally need more space and quiet time at home than her.

She said “I never thought him as shy. I thought he just didn’t want to go out as much as I do.”
He said “So, did I pass the test?”
She put her arm around him and said “Of course you did.”
And they kissed.
Seriously brightened up the gloomy weather day for me.

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To be continued…………………..