March 12, 2011

The St. Patrick’s day parade was downtown today and it was a gorgeous day for a parade. This is the fifth year I have had my office downtown and gone to the parade and it is amazing how the weather has not only cooperated, it has been beautiful. Maybe it’s the luck of the Irish. The parade was longer and it seemed to me there were more people than previous years. My grandson was with me and he always wants to go early and be in front for maximum candy grabbing opportunities. Not only was the weather beautiful, so was the spirit of the people. Everyone was smiling and happy, enjoying the kids enjoying the parade and the parade was FUN! There was a little girl, I would guess 3 years old, in a cart being pushed by probably her Dad, and she was blowing kisses to the crowd like a pro..and she never stopped blowing kisses the entire time I could see her. It is always special to watch all the men in uniform who protect us and keep us safe, the military, the firefighters, law enforcers, walk past. It makes me proud to live in Colorado Springs. The bagpipe players were soooo good, and the Irish dancers, adorable. There was more candy this year, too. For kids, parades are all about the candy.

My first appointment is a lady, late 30’s, ABS, educated, has a fabulous job she loves, her long term goal is marriage and children. She said “It would be nice to be a stay at home mom and maybe work part time.” I am beginning to hear that more often from people in their 30’s, even 20’s. What a concept. What happened to it? This age group has grown up at a time when the divorce rate has skyrocketed and they are thinking maybe a stay at home mom is a good idea. She enjoys the hiking, skiing, gardening, reading, theaters, concerts, plays, independent films, reading, working out, AND, cooking. Finding the right man to raise their children together is the most important thing in her life and I think she will be a wonderful mother.

My second appointment is a lady, early 30’s, ABS, educated, a teacher, a strong Christian, her goal is marriage and children. She loves to travel and has lived out of the country for periods of time on mission trips. She runs and participates in races. She enjoys theater, concerts, and loves classical music. She is very close with her parents, siblings and grandparents. I interviewed her a week ago but she wanted to think about it and I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with her. She came in with her Ideal Relationship form completed and she wanted my opinion. I read it out loud as I will with the men when I match her. After I read it I said “I would like to put this on Donna’s Daily Diary because it is so specific a man will read it and know immediately if you are, or are not, someone he would be interested in meeting, and probably prayed to find.” She agreed.


I love living this adventure called life and am blessed with wonderful parents, siblings, their spouses, and five nieces and nephews. While I love and cherish my family and friends, my first love is Jesus. Serving in the church body is very important to me, and I love it when the Lord uses me to serve and show His love to others. No matter what the situation, I seek to follow hard after Jesus knowing that he alone is my hope and salvation.

I can worship to Christian Hip-Hop, love to laugh, and never get tired of watching Psych with family and friends. I enjoying interacting with people in group settings, but I also take pleasure in having a quiet evening at home. Being organized has always come easily to me, but I have learned through life’s circumstances to surrender my plans to the Lord. I enjoy challenging myself to become better physically and spiritually. While I am growing and learning, I can always laugh at myself understanding I am a work in progress.

I believe a good marriage requires a desire to seek the Lord in all that is done. I look forward to serving the Lord with a husband who loves Jesus and who desires to be the spiritual head of our family.

In order of importance I desire to serve Jesus, family, and the body of Christ. Ultimately, I want to be a helpmate to my husband and a godly wife and mother- all the while giving glory and praise to the Creator of all things and my Redeemer.

To be continued…………………..