March 15, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, grown kids, educated, his long term goal is a serious, long term relationship and he would consider marriage. He enjoys dining out and trying new places and he definitely has a desire to travel, especially to Europe. He gets along well with kids and misses being completely involved in his children’s lives, they live out of state. He is a moderate republican and enjoys political discussions.
He has been divorced for over five years and is ready to make his personal life a priority. He has been dating but it has been sporadic and he feels like he is getting nowhere fast. I asked him if he had an income requirement as for as a lady is concerned and he said he did not. He said “That does not matter to be at all. It makes no difference.” I said “Actually, it can make a difference.” He makes over 100K and he has consistently dated ladies who needed to be rescued financially. I said “Wouldn’t it be nice to be with a lady who can afford the same lifestyle choices as you, a lady who could afford to go to Europe?” He said “I can afford to pay for both of us.” OK, I got it, a ladies income does not matter to him. His divorce was not an easy one, which is why is unsure he would marry again, but he knows he is a one woman man and hopes to spend the rest of his life with one special lady. He said “I would do almost anything for a lady who will love me as much as I love her.” I asked him what mattered to him physically as for as a lady is concerned and he said “Well, look at me, I have a few extra pounds, and while I prefer a lady who takes take of herself, I don’t mind if she has a few extra pounds.” I told him most men his age who are overweight still prefer ladies who are fit and trim. He said “That does not seem very realistic.” I said “Women are not as focused on weight as they are on height and they are much more forgiving of a few extra pounds.” He said “would I be considered short?” I said “Under 5’7 can be limiting.” He laughed and said “Whew, I made it by an inch.” He is a very sweet man and because he is so flexible on his preferences, I have some great matches for him.

My second appointment is a “be back”, a lady I interviewed last week. She is mid 30’s ABS, educated, and her long term goal is marriage and children. After thinking about it for a week she decided it seems like the best opportunity she might have for finding the right man. She said “I could tell the men you spoke to me about are as serious as I am about finding the right person and I like that you know they either have, or want, children in their lives.” She knows she wants kids in the picture either his, theirs, or adopted.

My third appointment is also a “be back, a lady I interviewed on the 25th of February. She is mid 60’s, educated, divorced, grown kids, and her long term goal is marriage. She is an avid skier and skis almost every week during the season. I do have a couple of good matches who ski, and ski season is almost over for the year, so we are going to focus on a man who shares some of her summer activities and hope that some more compatible men who ski will join before next ski season.

A couple I matched in August of 2009 called to say they are engaged and getting married this July. She was a client for just a few months when I matched her with him and he had been a client for three years. He dated a lady I match him with for two years and their relationship ended because he could not commit to marry her. He said “I felt I was in love with her but I did not feel comfortable with her ‘marry me or less’ ultimatum.” He said the difference this time is that he knows he is in love with this lady and asking her to marry him feels totally right and comfortable. Believing that everything happens for a reason, this lady is actually a better match for him and their relationship has been pretty fabulous from day one. I am invited to what will probably be my 30th wedding at the Briarhurst, but it never gets old.

To be continued…………….