March 18, 2014

I had three conversations today and I realized something. In talking with three couples, they are all “on hold”, which means they are going to pursue a relationship with the person I matched them with and they are not interested in meeting anyone else. It wasn’t until the end of my day that I noticed that in each of these matches, it was the first match for one of them.

In 26 years of matchmaking, it is certainly not the first time it has happen on the first match but in 26 years I cannot ever recall it happening three times in one day.

Here are their stories:

A couple in their early 60’s, her first match and she had been a client for two days. His sixth match and he has been a client for eight and a half months. They have been dating for almost two months and they are equally enthusiastic about each other. The interesting thing about this match was she thought he was taking it too slow in the beginning. I reminded her, based on the scores, that he was a little shy and she had only been out with him two times. She told me she needed affirmative affirmation and she was not getting that from him. I reminded her that she had only been out with him two times. Six dates later, they are “on hold”.

A couple In their mid 40’s, her first match and he has been a client for three years and five months. The interesting thing about this match is that she has a Masters degree and he has one year one college. What matters is that they are a good match intellectually. Her initial feedback was that he was a nice guy, probably not the type of man she would have picked for herself but he picked a great place to meet, he already had a table and he met her at the door. He was a total gentleman and really nice. I talked to her today, they have been dating for two months, and she thinks things are going great.

The third couple is especially fulfilling to me because he was referred to me by his parent’s best friends who met and married through my service in 1992. She was his first match and she had been a client for ten months when I made the match. He is early 30’s and she is mid 30’s. I called him two times after they met to see if he was interested in hearing about someone else and he was not. They have been dating for five months. I spoke to her today and she says they are doing quite well.

I have to say it one more time, I love my job!!

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To be continued…………………….