March 20, 2013

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a man I interviewed last week. He is early 40’s, ABS (always been single), highly educated, his long term goal is marriage, and he can go either way so far as having children.

He said “I love kids, but I realize I might be too old to expect that to be an option.”
I said “You have no idea how many clients I work with in your age range who are interested in having children, it is not at all uncommon.”
He said “I think it would be wonderful to have a child, or children, but finding the right lady is what matters the most.”

He is a military officer in the reserves, has lived in Colorado Springs for almost 20 years, and plans to stay here. He has accomplished most of his career and education goals and is ready to meet the right person and be married..
He said “I never thought I would join a dating service but after I met you and you encouraged me to call you for an interview, I thought, why not. I like your method of matching, and I am impressed with how long you have been in business.”

He enjoys mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, hiking, working out, sporting events and traveling.
He said “I have traveled all over the world with my military career and now I would like to travel for pleasure, especially with a special lady.”

He is very young looking for his age, very healthy, and fit. He appreciates a lady who takes care of herself but, not someone who is fanatical about working out.

He is smart, funny, down to earth and genuine, the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry.

My second appointment is a man, mid 60’s, ABS, highly educated, retired, and his long term goal is a monogamous, committed relationship. He is probably not interested in marriage, but he does not totally rule it out. He is tall, good looking, and fit. He has a great sense of humor, and smiles and laughs easily.

After he took the Profile test he said “There are a lot of religious questions on this test.”
I said “Actually there are no more questions about religion than there are the other five areas of compatibility, they just have a tendency to stand out more, and usually people who make the comment you just made are not religious.”
That is definitely true of him. His religion score is a “1.5” on a scale of “0” to “10”.
He said “I have some doubts about whether or not the type of lady who will compatible with me can be found in Colorado Springs.”
I said “Their scores will tell you everything you need to know about their religious attitudes.”

He said “I know some people think it is strange that I have never been married, but I have lead a charmed life and I am happy.”

He enjoys mountain and road biking, hiking, backpacking and traveling. He loves the arts, especially the Opera. He also seeks out lectures that appeal to him. His main passion is reading and he has an extensive library.
His age preference is 55 to 65, he is open on his height preference, and not nearly as particular about the physical aspect of the match as many men his age.
I said “On a scale of “0” to “10”, how important is the physical attraction?’
He said “5”.
I said “Most people say “7”.”
He said “What matters to me is the person. If she is smart, funny, and a good companion, I will find her attractive.”

Yes, ladies, they do exist, a man over 50 who will date in his own age range, and focuses on the person more the physical.

To be continued……………………………