March 23, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, ABS (always been single), her long term goal is marriage and children. She had her best friend join her for the interview because the idea of a dating service made her very nervous.

She said “I called you at the end of last year and you told me I was not emotionally available. I was just ending a relationship and the question you asked me was, “If I was going to match you with a man who was in the same situation with a woman as you are with the man you are dating, would you want to meet him?” I love that she repeated my own words back to me and admitted that it helped her recognize that she was not ready.

She has been doing what I refer to as “under dating”. All of her relationships have been with men who have some form of substance abuse problems, and she tries to fix them. She has finally decided her ”picker” is broken and she is tired of being the one who pays for everything.

She is trim, pretty and has long brown hair. When I asked her on a scale of “0” to “10” how important the physical attraction was she said “5”.
I said “You know what most people say? “7”.
She surprised when she said “I look in the mirror and I see and ugly duckling.”
I said “You’re kidding, you are definitely attractive.” Her friend agreed with me.

I think she will blossom when she meets a man who treats her with respect and kindness.

My second appointment today is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, highly educated, and her long term goal is marriage. She is a referral from a friend who is a co-worker, and a new client who is also a co-worker.

She said “I have been thinking about calling you for a couple of months, but when Chris met with you and was so encouraging about you and the first man she met, I thought what am I waiting for?”
She will be an empty nester soon, and the timing is right to make her personal life a priority.

She enjoys hiking, biking, working out, bowling, theaters, concerts, spectator sports, playing pool, loves jazz, and is starting golf lessons. She appreciates a man who has a high energy level and likes to be active.
She said “I really enjoy baseball, football and basketball. Take me to a Nuggets game, and I am a happy camper.”

Although she is highly educated, when I asked her preference as far as education level, she said “My dad had a high school education, he one of the smartest men I have ever known, and he died a millionaire. What matters to me is that he is a good match intellectually, whatever his level of education.”
So true.

Feedback today from a client who has been dating a man I matched her with six months ago, she said “We went on a seven day cruise and it was wonderful. We got along great, he was so considerate and accommodating, and even when there was a little bump in the road, we talked it out and got over it.”
She said she was having all these great flashbacks about the trip and she just wanted to call and thank me for bringing him into her life.

Made my day!

To be continued………