March 6, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, late 20’s, ABS, educated, her long term goal is marriage and children. Interesting interview. It is hard to believe that I would think of a lady who is not even 30 as a “cougar”, but her last relationship was with a man nine years younger than her.

She said “His age did not matter to me. He was emotionally mature, intellectually compatible, and I adored him.” Unfortunately, he left her for a younger woman. It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around the fact that I was hearing this accomplished, very young woman, tell me her last relationship left her for a younger woman. My first thought was “How old was she? 15?”

Her attitude about it is very positive.
She said “He wanted children, but he wanted to wait at least seven years. I am ready to have a family as soon as I find the right man. I would like to have my first child by the time I am 32, so it is probably for the best that it did not work out.”

She is an avid snowboarder, does the Incline, and likes taking long hikes with her dog. She also enjoys concerts, spending time with her friends, and traveling.
She said “I would love to have my honeymoon in Italy, travel around Europe for a month, and start making babies.”

She was referred to me by a girlfriend who met and married her husband through Perfectly Matched.
She said “They are so happy together, and they practically insisted that I call you.”

Referral business, it keeps me in business!

My second appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, his long term goal is a serious, committed, monogamous relationship. He is not interested in marriage.

He said “I have been married twice and, I not only don’t believe marriage is necessary, I think it is a flawed concept in this age range. The only reason to get married is to have babies, and I am not having any more babies.” He has several grown children and grandchildren. He has no regrets about his marriages but he feels he can be just as committed in a relationship without being married and he wants to meet a lady who supports that idea.
I said “When I match you, I will tell them exactly what you just told me. They will understand you have no intention to be married again.”

He said “I want to meet a lady who is fit, but I don’t want to be hiking mountains or monitoring my caloric intake every day. I like steak and potatoes, a good martini, and occasionally a great dessert. I love to cook and a lady who also likes to cook would be most excellent.”

He asked “Do I talk to you about what is important intimately, or is that something you don’t get into?”
I said “You can talk about whatever you want.”
He said “Intimacy is not all about sex. I like to snuggle, be close, hold hands, and sleep with someone next to me. You probably shouldn’t match me with a lady who wants to have sex three or four times a week.”
I said “I think many ladies will be comfortable with what you just suggested and I cannot remember the last time a lady told me she wanted to meet a man who wanted to have sex three or four times a week.”

This man is so sweet and endearing. He is tall, fit, good looking and has no idea how what a catch he is. He is going to be compatible with a sweet, easy going lady who appreciates a gentleman who will treat her like a princess. Life with him will be easy. Not every lady wants easy, but I know the ones who do.

To be continued…………………………