May 19, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, early 50’s, highly educated, separated, has grown children, his long term goal is serious relationship, and he would consider marriage.
I do not generally offer membership to someone who is not yet divorced but he has been separated for quite awhile and his divorce should be final in a few months. He has been dating, and appears to be emotionally available. When I match him the ladies will know he is not yet divorced and have the option to meet him now, or wait until he is divorced.

He loves the outdoors and hikes, bikes, and plays golf. He also enjoys travel, theater, concerts, the arts and movies.

He said “Dating again after having been married for so long has been a real eye opener for me.”
He has been surprised by the game playing and dishonesty of some of the ladies he has met.
He said “With me, what you see is what your get, and I just assumed that would be true of other people.”
I said “Bad assumption, and while it’s nice to be trusting and open minded, when you meet ladies you know nothing about they can tell you whatever they want. However, when I introduce you to someone, I have personally met them, verified their driver’s license, and they have signed an agreement that states, in part, if they have given me any false information I can cancel their membership and keep their money. But, just as importantly, I really get to know my clients and they have no reason to lie to me because they want me to find the right person for them.”

He is an extremely smart man, but when it comes to dating, he is like a babe in the woods.
I look forward to helping him date much more effectively, and introducing him to some compatible, quality ladies.
BTW, he is very good looking, and THAT has a value!

My second appointment is a “be back”, a man I interviewed several months ago. He is late 40’s, divorced, grown children, and his long term goal is marriage.
He decided not to join the first time I met with him because he wanted to quit smoking. He understands smoking is a limiting factor when it comes to matching and ladies who do not smoke most likely will not be interested in meeting him. He is still a smoker, but he is not meeting anyone on his own. I do have a couple of ladies who are matches for him, and one of them is not a smoker.

He said “I have cut down on the amount of cigarettes I smoke, and I still plan to quit. Maybe if I meet someone who does not smoke it will inspire me to quit.”

He is a country fellow and enjoys fishing, camping, woodworking, hiking and being in the mountains.

He said “Donna, I am loyal, hardworking, make a decent living, and I will treat a lady like a princess.”
I have no doubt that he will. Nice guy!

My new wall ads are going up, so look for one in a restroom near you. They are very different from anything I have ever done and they will be hard to miss. I can’t wait to see what kind of response I get from them. Here’s a hint, think feet…yes, feet.

To be continued……………………….