May 23, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, no children, highly educated, his long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and probably marriage.
He said “When my marriage ended I not only lost a wife, I lost my best friend.” Obviously, it was not him who wanted the divorce.
I said “Unfortunately, it only takes one person to want a divorce.”
He is a Christian and would like to find a lady who will share his faith and enjoys going to church.
He downhill and cross country skis, enjoys gardening and takes pride in his home. He reads mostly self help books and can dance to anything. He loves the Caribbean and has been there on many cruises.

I met him at a professional function and shared with him that one of the things I have my clients do is to write in their own words what they are looking for in an “Ideal Relationship”. He came in with his already done and here is what he wrote:

“I would like to meet a single, secure and confident lady with whom over time we could develop a close friendship. My goal is a loving, long term relationship with the potential of marriage, in time. We’ll need to become best friends first and work to establish a level of intimate trust between us, so we have the best chance to enjoy the rest of our lives happily together. Key traits: Intelligent, with a sense of humor, kind-hearted, fun-loving and romantic. Enjoying the time we share together either it be quiet time at home or occasional lively nights out. My hope is to vacation travel a lot together. My preferences are the Caribbean, Mexico and possibly Europe.”

You think he sounds ready to meet the right lady? You betcha!

To be continued………