May 20, 2013

The first thing I saw when I clicked on my computer this morning was a picture of a couple I matched, holding a sign, standing in front of the beautiful flowers at Bellagio and the sign said “JUST MARRIED!!!!” I knew they were getting married, and that is always a thrill for me, but this couple especially so. I have known her for four years and she fell in love with the second man I matched her with in 2009. He died unexpectedly after they had been together almost a year.

At that time I told her when the time was right I would continue to work with her until we found the right man, no matter how many matches it took. Almost three years and 12 matches later she is married. She was his first, and only, match. This is where getting to know my clients personally becomes so valuable. As soon as he walked in my door I thought about her. By the time the interview was over, and I had his scores and the rest of his information, I could not wait to call her. I am always mindful of not being too enthusiastic about a match, no matter how good I feel about it.

However, when I called her I said “How does Mrs., then I used his last name, sound?”
Underneath the picture she sent this morning she wrote “Mrs., then she wrote in her new last name, sounds AMAZING!”

This is obviously another one of those times I have to say “I LOVE MY JOB!”

To be continued…………………….