May 17, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, early 30’s, ABS (always been single), highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and probably children. She is new to Colorado Springs and plans to stay here. She is tall, fit, Caribbean American, and beautiful.
She said “My one long term relationship was with a Caucasian man and I find myself generally more attracted to Caucasian men, but I am truly open to any race if he is a good fit in all the other important areas. Do you think you will have matches for me?”
I said “When I make a match I consider the preferences of both people and once I know more about you, I will know how many matches I have for you.”

She enjoys movies, music, dining out, the outdoors, walking, hiking, sightseeing, concerts, art, fashion and traveling. She has been to the Bahamas, Haiti, England, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. She likes to take one major trip a year. She is a Christian, and would like to meet a man who is also a Christian.

She is a very classy dresser and appreciates a man who takes pride in himself and his appearance.
She said “No one has to know me for long before they realize I have a shoe fetish.”

She has a job she loves and is very established career wise and financially for someone her age. She would like to meet a man who is also established and financially secure.
She said “One thing I try to keep out of my life is stress. Stress usually means there is something you cannot control and I try hard to avoid allowing those things to happen in my life. My home is peaceful and serene, and when I walk in the door I love the calmness I feel.”

Because she is tall, she prefers a man who is 5’10, or taller. Her age preference is 32 to 45, no smokers, a social drinker is fine, and she prefers a man who has a degree. Although she has no children, she is open to meeting a man who has children.
She said “Of course it depends on the kids and the situation and the relationship he has with his ex, but I love kids. If it is in the cards for me to have them, great, if not, I can definitely see myself helping the man I love raise his kids.”

I am very excited to have her as a new client and help her find the man who has as much to offer her as she has to offer in return.

My second appointment is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, and her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship. She is not sure about getting married again.
She said “I am not sure marriage is a good idea for me. I married the first time because I thought we were going to have children. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and I can love someone just as much without that piece of paper. In fact, I think it takes more of a commitment to stay in a relationship if you are not married.”

Her last two relationships have been with men who were several years younger than her.
She said “I read some of your diaries where you wrote about “cougars” but I am not a cougar, they are the ones who pursued me. I don’t care about age at all. My best friend is in a relationship with a man who is 20 years older than her and I think he is adorable. I would be with someone like him in a heartbeat.”

She loves, loves, loves playing golf.
I said “Is it a show stopper if he does not golf?’
She said “No, as long as he is willing to try, but I would really like to meet a man who already plays. My ex-husband did not golf and he used to always complain that I loved golf more than him. As it turns out, he was right.”
She also enjoys cooking, gardening, concerts, traveling, hiking with her dog and playing poker.

She said “I like to have fun. I have a great family and friends who are a lot of fun. We love to get together to cook, laugh, drink, and someone who does not have that sense of fun won’t fit in very well.”

She certainly seems like fun. She is quick to smile and laugh, and the only thing missing in her life is the right person to share it. Now I get to help her find him.

Speaking of golf, if you golf at Gleneagle Golf Club, Springs Ranch, or Pine Creek, look for my ad on the scorecard. It will actually be on the page where you keep score. This is the first time I have tried this form of advertising and they should be on the course by the second week in June. I told the lady I just interviewed about it and she thinks it is perfect timing for her. Also look for my new ads in Women’s Edition, Style Magazine, the Gazette’s Summer Guide, and the restroom wall in 50 different restaurants, gyms, and bars near you. It pays to advertise!

To be continued……………………………