May 24, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, educated, grown children, her career is in finance, and her long term goal is a serious relationship, possibly marriage. She said “I am not opposed to marriage but I do not need to be married to be in a committed relationship and I think marriage can complicate things.” If she were to marry there would definitely be a prenuptial agreement. A good friend of hers was recently faced with a situation where the man she has been in a serious relationship with asked her to marry him. He presented her with a beautiful ring and she was thrilled. A couple of days later he presented her with a prenuptial agreement and she was not so thrilled anymore. According to her friend, should they divorce, the prenuptial basically offered her a fixed amount of money for each year they remained married. She was insulted. She said “It was the same amount for every year, not even a “bonus” if we are married ten, twenty or however many years.” She also felt the amount he was offering was insulting. They ultimately decided not to get married and the relationship went downhill from there and ended. She said “I understand someone who wants to protect his assets and leave an inheritance for his children because that is what I intend to do. Why complicate things by getting married?” Her scores are lower in conformity and religion and a man who is most compatible with her will probably not need to be married to be in a committed relationship. She enjoys hiking, especially the Incline and Waldo Canyon, skiing, spinning, travel, concerts, tennis, and considers herself a gourmet cook. She said “I love cooking with a man and learning new recipes together.”

My second appointment is a lady, ABS, late 20’s, highly educated, a nurse, her long term goal is marriage and children. I told her men love nurses and teachers. She said “Then where is the man who will love me?” Her siblings are all married with children and she feels like she is “missing the boat” when it comes to finding the right man. Her last serious relationship was with a man she thought was “the one”, but after a relationship that lasted several years he met someone online and ended their relationship. She was devastated. His relationship only lasted a couple of months and when it ended he wanted to get back together. They dated for a few weeks and she decided she could never trust him again and this time she ended it. She said “I feel like I wasted so much time and energy on the wrong man and I am getting too old to make that mistake again.” I told her she is actually on the young side for my service and I have plenty of clients much older than her who are just beginning to focus on getting married and starting a family. She was at a family event recently and her five year old niece asked “Why don’t you have kids like everybody else?” She told her “because I haven’t found the right man to marry.” She said “Well, go find him.” She said “She made it sound so simple and it made me think what I could do to find him.” She Googled dating Colorado Springs and spent an hour on my website. She enjoyed reading my daily diaries and printed out the men I had mentioned recently she wanted to know more about. Two of them are actually very good matches for her. She is active and fit and loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, trail riding, and walking her dog. When she was leaving she said “I feel so good about this and I am excited to meet some of the men you think are good matches for me.” She is very open on her preferences, including height, and I have some great matches for her.

Memorial Day is just a few days away and it seems as though most everyone is already in the holiday mode. One of my clients is going camping and received a email from the campground to bring a shovel because he might need to clear his spot of snow… gotta love Colorado!

To be continued…………………….