May 31,2011

I spent most of the day on the phone getting feedback from the couples who met over the long weekend. One unanimous theme was complaints about how the wind was unbelievable and spoiled so many of the holiday outdoor activities. One couple was walking Garden of the Gods when the wind blew into her eye and messed up her contact. Her eye was so irritated and red it puffed up and she said she looked like a monster. He drove her to the grocery store and bought some eye drops and a bag of frozen peas. She put in the eye drops and they sat outside on the grass and chatted while she held the bag of peas to her eye. He asked her if she would like to get together the next day and try again and she said “Yes, if we do something indoors.” I talked to him later and he thought she was a good sport about it all and they both are interested in getting to know each other better. She said “Maybe I will hold on to this bag of peas for a souvenir.”

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, ABS, highly educated, and her long term goal is marriage. She mentioned to a friend that she was going to call me and her friend told her not to come see me. Evidentially I interviewed her friend many years ago and she said I did not have any matches for her because she was fat. I said “I can assure you I have never, in my 24 years of matching, said the word “fat” to a lady. I probably said weight is the issue for men just as height is the issue for women.” She said “What registered with her was you said she was fat.” I said “Is she?” She said “She is about 30 pounds overweight.” I said “So much of what I can do for anyone depends on how many matches I have for them.” I have at least five matches for this lady today and that does not include new men who come in or men who come “off hold.” She has not had a serious relationship for almost ten years and she is tired of leaving it to chance. Her career has been her focus but she is comfortably settle in her career and ready to make her personal a priority. She was surprised that I do not show pictures when I make a match. I said “If I cannot nail it in a match or two I will show you a picture, but most people do not take a good picture and you will see something in person that you cannot see in a picture.” She said “What if you don’t match me with someone I find attractive?” I said “I don’t give up, there is no time frame on my service and I add new people every day.” She said “I feel like I am gambling.” I said “You are, there are no guaranties and no time frame, but I have been doing this for 24 years and I don’t give up. It only takes one right person.” She handed me her credit card and put her personal life in my hands.

My Dad fell and broke five ribs Saturday and much of the rest of my weekend was spent in the hospital. He has been in ICU for the last three days mainly because they are concerned about him getting pneumonia. He said “Don’t even say that word to me because that’s how many old people die. You get that, and you are gone.” The nurse said “That’s why you are here, so we can watch you.” He was doing well until late this morning but now they are talking about doing an epidural because he still has so much pain when he moves. He said “Maybe I should just quit fighting this. It’s one thing after another.” I said “I don’t know how much control you have over that, Dad, but remember what that fortune teller told me nine years ago? She said you had such a will to live that not even God was going to take you until you were ready.” He said “So it’s all up to me, huh?” I said “I guess so, let’s try it, say “I want to die NOW!”, and let’s see if it works.” He laughed and then he immediately screamed in pain because there are three things you don’t want to do with cracked ribs, laugh, cough or sneeze.

I will find out where we go from here tomorrow , but in the meantime I have alerted my brothers and sister and they are all ready to be present if we need them. When I told my Dad I talked to all of them he said “Well no one is planning on coming yet, are they?” I said “No, we need to figure out if you are going to live or die first.” Another laugh, another scream and another “Damn you, Donna Sue.” As much as I try to keep it light hearted, the pain was back tonight and I hope the epidural helps tomorrow.

To be continued……