May 3, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, divorced, educated, mid 30’s, one child, her long term goal is marriage and she can go either way as far as having more children.
She Googled my website a few months ago and has been reading my daily diaries off and on. She decided to take advantage of my 50% off offer for singles moms for Mother’s Day.

She said “My daughter spends the summers with her dad in another state and in a couple of weeks she will be gone for two months. Last year I did an online service and it was a total waste of time and money.
I would love to be dating and having some fun this summer and ultimately meet the right man. When I read your offer, I knew the timing was right.”

She has been the bread winner in all of her relationships. She is not looking for a man to support her, but she also is not looking to support a man. We agreed that I would match her with men who make at least as much money as she does. She is also very frugal, her finance score on a scale of “0” to “10” is a “4”. I told her I would be matching her with men who are also frugal and they should be financially responsible, just like her.

She works out regularly at the gym, runs a couple of times a week, and she recently joined a climbing gym. She loves to cook, enjoys, theater, concerts and going to plays, the Buell Theater in Denver is a favorite. She is an avid reader and the book she is currently reading and loving is The New Earth.

When I asked her what was important to her physically, as far a man is concerned she said “Teeth, good teeth are very important to me and I paid a fortune to have my teeth look nice.”
I told her she was not alone, that teeth are the one physically attribute both men and women notice more than anything else.
She is very attracted to men who are bald or shave their heads.
She said “Find me a bald man with a goatee, I love that look!”

I look forward to making her summer more exciting and fun and introducing her to some quality men. First, I am going to see if I have a good match who is bald and has a goatee!

My second appointment is a man I interviewed several months ago when he was recently widowed. He is early 60’s, retired, has grown children, and his long term goal is marriage.
He said “When I met with you before you asked me if I was emotionally available and ready to date and move on with my personal life. I thought I was, but I know now that I wasn’t. Today, I feel like I am ready.
He dated a lady for three months and she was wanting him to marry her.

He said “I remember you telling me that because I am so easy going I would have a tendency to stay in relationship twice as long as I should because I will give someone the benefit of the doubt until there is no doubt, and that is exactly what I did in this relationship.”
He did not want to hurt her feelings but he knew she was not someone he would marry.

I said “Nobody should be talking about marriage when they have only know each other for three months. You can’t possibly know someone well enough in just three months to make that commitment.”
He said “That’s what I tried to tell her, but she insisted I was the man for her.”
She was very angry when he ended the relationship and he felt badly.
He said “Dating at this stage in my life is complicated and I think I can use your help.”

Of course I am happy to help him, and I know I can.
I said “ You were married for almost 40 years, and you have widowed for less than two years. You should just date, have fun, make friends, explore your options.”
He said “OK, I’m ready.”

He is so sweet, I think he will be my new pet project and I have lots of matches for him!

Just a reminder, one more week for my Mother’s Day special, 50% off all my regular programs for single moms…and I guess I should add grandmothers, since one of them has already taken advantage of the offer.
I am going to be on the noon news between 12:30 and 1pm on KRDO, channel 13, on Tuesday to promote my Mother’s Day special. Thank you to my friend and radio rep for the free air time! Free is always good!

To be continued……………………