May 5, 2014

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is marriage.
We have a mutual friend who has been encouraging him to call me for a couple of years. She and her husband were having dinner with him the other night and she called me.
She said “I am here with Scott and I think it’s time for him to talk to you.” She handed him her phone and he had no choice but to talk to me. He was a great sport about it.

He said he has met probably thirty ladies through the online services since he has been divorced.
I said “Good, by now you must know all the ends and outs of first meetings.”
He said “I meet some really nice ladies but no one I felt had long term potential. I am ready to find the right person.”

He is tall, fit, good looking and very physically active. He enjoys working out four or five times a week. He also enjoys the Incline, mountain biking, trail riding, climbing 14ers, snowboarding and traveling. He has been to Italy, London, Paris, Sweden, Russia, Israel, and Germany.
He said “I would love to find a travel partner, a fellow adventurer.”

He has great kids and prefers to meet a lady who has kids.
He said “I think I will just have more in common with a lady who has kids.”

He was very impressed with the profile test and the profile of the first lady I shared with him.
He said “I can see how this would have potential to be more effective than what I have been doing and I want to work with you.”
I said “May I call our friend and tell her you are a new client?”
He said “Please do, I am sure she will be thrilled.”

My second appointment is a “be back”, a man I interviewed five years ago. He is early 40’s, ABS (always been single), educated, his long term goal is marriage and he can go either way as far as having children.

I said “Five years ago you definitely wanted to have children. When did you change your mind?”
He said “I always told myself if it had not happened by the time I was 40 I was going to let it go but I have to admit I still think it’s possible under the right circumstances with the right lady.”

He was very surprised that I still had his information from five years ago and equally surprised when he took the test again that his scores had not changed at all.
I said “I have kept the profile of everyone I have interviewed for 23 years for this very reason. You never know when someone might call back and like you, their scores don’t usually change.”
Which always reminds me that who we are and what we are looking for in a partner does not really change. It is just a matter of finding that one right person.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I hope you are enjoying this summertime weather at the beginning of May. They already opened the pool at the complex where I live and I could not resist chilling on a lawn chair for about a half hour when I went to get my mail. Sure felt like summertime to me.

To be continued……………