May 7, 2014

One of the nice things about my business is I CAN mix business with pleasure. Many of my clients become friends and some of them become good friends. Such would be the case with Kathy. Kathy became a client at Perfectly Matched two years ago and through the course of matching and getting to know her she is not only my client, she is my friend and my realtor. She sold my dad’s house when he died and she did a terrific job. I want to do something special for Kathy.

With her permission, I want to feature her profile and picture with the hope of finding that one special man who has so far yet to be found.

Kathy is beautiful, smart, highly educated, active, fit (5’7 and 130 lbs.), financially secure and stable, funny, fun, classy, sexy, sophisticated, affectionate, direct, straight forward and will be a wonderful partner for the right man.

This is her Ideal Relationship:

“Complete and utter comfort. I can be myself around you without feeling judged. You can sit in your room working while I read and I’m entirely content. I only have eyes for you, you only have eyes for me and we communicate this verbally, physically and often. Fun in the bedroom; warm and comforting cuddling are ever present. Fights are rare and when we do get into it, we are radically transparent and reach some sort of peace. Unparalleled companionship, unprecedented generosity and unconditional love grant us the foundation for a lasting long-term relationship.”

A good match for Kathy would be a man who is 5’11 or taller. She likes to say that with her five inch heels she is 5’12. He would have as much to offer her as she has to offer in return and be affectionate, smart, financially secure and stable, successful, fun, fit, active, and have some shared interests and activities. The best age range would be 45 to 55 but that is flexible.

She works out almost every day, does the Incline, downhill skis, enjoys camping, hiking, jet skiing, horseback riding (she has owned horses), mountain biking, theaters, concerts and traveling.

She has been married one time and is open to being married again.
Come spend an hour of your time with me and if you are a good match for Kathy I will make a complimentary introduction.
Please call me at 719-260-1000. It could be a phone call that changes your life and hers and I would love to see my friend live happily ever after with the right man.

Please see her picture on my Perfectly Matched Facebook page.