May 7, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady who prefers I not mention her age.
She said “No one knows my age but you said you were going to verify my driver’s license when I came in for the interview.”
Let’s just say most people would guess her to be at least 15 years younger than her age.
She said “I don’t want to date men in my own age range because they can’t do the things I like to do.”
I said “Like what?”
She said “Sex.”
To say this was an interesting interview would be an understatement.

I said “You are at an age where most people would have retired a dozen years ago but you are working fulltime. When do you plan to retire?”
She said “When I drop dead. I love my work, and it keeps me alive and engaged. I have friends who retired and their minds seem to go to mush.”

She is very financially secure but she is not looking for a man with as much money as her.
She said “If he can pick up the check for a couple of meals here and there and pay for his part on a trip, that’s enough for me. I have all the money I need. I don’t need or want his money but I don’t want to be supporting him.”

She has a pilot’s license, she horseback rides, loves to dance, just started swimming lessons, works out regularly, enjoys theaters, concerts and wants to join a car club.
She would also enjoy traveling with a special someone and she likes to go to Vegas once a year.

Her last relationship lasted over 20 years and when it ended she decided there were three things she was going to do; buy a sports car, which she already has done, take swimming lessons, which she has started, and get a Lifestyle facelift, which she has scheduled.

I asked her what was physically important to her as far as a man is concerned.
She said “I don’t like beards, no missing teeth, 5’5 is tall enough, and he has to be able to fit into my sports car.”

Of all the people I have interviewed in 25 years, I would have to put her in the top three as far as being unique and special.
I now have the interesting challenge of matching her.

My second appointment is a man, early 50’s, divorced, educated, his long term goal is a serious relationship, and he would consider marriage. His relationship history includes just two women and he married both of them. He had one brief relationship when his second marriage ended. A friend of his who interviewed with me over ten years ago, but did not become a client, referred him to me.

He said “She told me you talked to her about men who sounded like great matches for her after just knowing her for fifteen minutes after she took your test.”
I said “Why didn’t she become a client?”
He said “The timing wasn’t right but she highly recommended you to me.”

He enjoys hiking, biking, movies, downhill skiing, music, loves the outdoors, and he is a volunteer firefighter.
He said “I used to hunt but I don’t do it much anymore. I did it more for the camaraderie with my friends than anything else. I never enjoyed sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping blanket. I really wasn’t into killing an animal and most the time I would get them in my sights and go “shoo, run away.”

He said “ If someone wants to know something about me they just have to ask and I will tell them the truth. It’s like wearing an open kimono. I just open up and say here it is.” That gave a visual that hung in my head for a few minutes.

He is a very nice guy, a great dad, loves his job, and will make a great partner for a lady who appreciates a man who is ready, willing and able to make her a priority in his life.

My third appointment is a client coming in to reconnect. She is early 60’s, highly educated, divorced, her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship, probably not marriage.
She said “I am in a really good place to meet the right man. When I first met with you I had a new job that was very stressful for a couple of years. That is all under control now and I find myself longing for a companion to share my life. I recently dated someone I thought had potential and, although it did not work out, it reminded me how much fun it is to get dressed up, go out and enjoy a man’s company and conversation.”
When we talked about her age preference she said “I like your recommendation of five years either way of my own age, that puts us in the same decade.”
I said “Men in this age range very often prefer to meet younger women.”
She said “I know, but they are missing the boat and they still have to go through menopause with them. They will be sleeping with someone who is sweaty, pulls the covers off and on, is irritable and has mood swings. I sleep quietly and comfortably.”

She has a point.

To be continued………………………