November 10, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, early 30’s, ABS, highly educated, his long term goal is marriage and he can go either way as far as having children. I met him over a year ago at a social function and we exchanged business cards. He has tried some of the online services with no success and he decided to call me and see how my service works. His complaints about the online services are similar to what I consistently hear from people who have done the online services; time consuming, ineffective, people aren’t honest, they don’t look like their pictures and they live too far away from Colorado Springs. He enjoys softball, golf, tennis, ping pong, playing pool and he is open to trying new things. He is allergic to cats and believes that dogs belong outside. I asked him what his preference was as far as a lady’s level of education and he said “I have my Doctorate degree but I would much rather be with a lady who has good common sense, whatever her level of education.” Smart man!

My second appointment is a “walk-in”, I almost never have someone who just walks in without making an appointment. I was in the appointment with the man I just wrote about and I asked him to come back in a half hour. He is late 50’s, widowed, retired, and his long term goal is marriage. A waitress who has become his friend took my name and number off one of my wall ads and suggested he give me a call. He has been married twice and he was very happy in his last marriage. I said “Good for you, now that you know what it was like to be happily married, you won’t settle for less as you move on.” He is a strong believer and living with someone without being married is not an option. He has an RV and loves traveling in it. He is an avid golfer, enjoys archery, fine dining, theater, concerts and all kinds of music. He has grown children and grandchildren he is very close to and visits often. He has a great smile and is ready to start dating again. He did not make a commitment to become a client today because he is leaving for a couple of road trips and will give me a call after he returns at the end of the month. I feel confident we will be working together soon.

To be continued………………………