November 9, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 20’s, ABS, self employed, his long term goal is marriage and children. This young man is a go getter and knows how to hustle and get the job done. He and a partner own a successful business with a very bright future. He said “I can tell in the first half hour of meeting a lady if I am going to be interested in getting to know her better.” He has tried a couple of online services and his last experience inspired him to call me. He said “After the first half hour I was very interested in her. She was pretty, smart, a strong believer, highly educated, has a great job, owns her home. I enjoyed the conversation with her and we decided to go have dinner.” During dinner she had a couple of cocktails and by the time they got back into his truck she was angry, dropping the “F” word, and pounding on his windows. He said “It was like Jekylll and Hyde.” He loves golf, hates football, enjoys movies, theater, working out and volunteering for causes that involve helping kids. I asked him if he had an income preference for a lady and he said “Not really, but I want someone who has ambitions and goals and a career she is passionate about.” He has not traveled outside the country much but would love to go to New Zealand and Ireland with someone special. He is a strong believer and would like a lady who is also a strong believer and would enjoy going to church with him. He is a good looking guy with the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen since Paul Newman. He said “I have seen your ads all over town and finally decided maybe you could do a better job of finding the right woman for me than I can.” We have already agreed on the lady who will be his first match.

My second appointment is a lady, early 30’s, ABS, tall, fit, beautiful, her long term goal is marriage and children. During our initial phone conversation she told me she had a great idea about how to make my business more successful but she preferred to talk to me about it when we met. I always start my interviews with someone taking the profile test and getting their scores. She wanted to talk to me about her great idea before she took the test. I told her she needed to take the test first. My antenna was already up because of our phone conversation and I saw no reason to treat her differently than anyone else. After some conversation, she agreed to take the test first. As it turns out, her great idea was for me to provide my services to her at no charge and she would let me “use” her. I said “Tell me how that would work.” She said “Well, you could match me with men who would be impressed that you had someone like me for a client and I would meet anyone you wanted me to meet while you work on finding the right man for me.” I knew from her scores that she was a controller, but even if she had not taken my test, I would have done what I did, and put my price list in front of her. I said “Do you think a man who has paid me this kind of money for my services would appreciate me matching him with a beautiful lady that he is going to spend one hour with only to be told “she is not interested”? AND, do you think I have managed to stay in business for 21 years by “using” people this way?” She said “You can’t blame a girl for trying.” I agreed with her and told her I was not interested in her “great idea”. Before she left, she asked me if I was hiring and tried to convince me that having her for a receptionist would be great for my business. At that point, I did blame a girl for trying, at least this girl.

To be continued………………………..